Chihuly at the MFA

Recently, our photo class went on our first off campus shooting adventure.  I call it an adventure for good reason: the day of the trip involved another student and I inadvertently taking the most round about way to get there, turning a half hour drive into one that lasted about two hours, which really limited the shooting part of the trip!

The official assignment was to photograph the Chihuly exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston, specifically the colors.  By the time we arrived, the line was too long for us to get in.  The students that had arrived on time had already finished the assignment, and couldn’t stop raving about it, and how carried away they got photographing it, outside of just our assignment.

I decided to go back the next day to get in on the excitement, and boy am I sure glad I did!  I know why everyone got caught up in shooting not just the color, but the shapes and details of these works of art.  What Dale Chihuly and his team are able to do with glass is amazing.

Before you even get into the exhibit, you can’t miss the insanely tall Green Icicle Tower that the MFA is trying to keep as part of their permanent collection.
The first room is the home of the Ikebana boat, with colors literally exploding out of a small rowboat.

I’m not going to lie – I skimped on time in the two middle rooms leading to one of my favorite rooms, Mille Fiore (a thousand flowers).  I’m a sucker for color, and those rooms just didn’t have the pop I love :)  It was worth it though – check this out!

This little guy was as amazed as I was – too cute!

The next room was a lot like the lobby of the Bellagio in Vegas – an installation all on the ceiling.  Things were looking up!

The next room was definitely one of my favorites.  Chandeliers from floor to ceiling – I absolutely loved these details.

What a great exhibit – get in there and take some photos of your own!  You have until this Sunday, August, 7th.  I know I will be there one more time before it closes!