CDIA Faces Project

A few weeks ago, our class finished our first “long term” project.  In a 22 month program, long term is definitely relative – we had about a month select a theme, and photograph 50 faces fitting that theme.  I decided I wanted 50 different people, only showing half of their face.  I called it 50% of 50 faces. (I know, its the accountant in me, I thought the play on numbers was pretty clever!)  I had so much fun with this project – I recruited everyone: family, friends, co-workers, a make up artist, even a few Canadian geese in a park outside of campus!

The beautiful lady to the right is Noel McKinnon of Makeup 2 Die 4.  She did the hair and makeup for this masquerade shoot.  Absolutely stunning!

The full gallery of all 50 is on my site, but these were some of my favorite shots.  A special thank you to everyone who helped me out – you are all amazing models, and will definitely be requested to be in my portfolio again!

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