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It’s Labor Day weekend, which means that summer is coming to a close… So I figured its time to relive one of my favorite memories from this summer, and share some shots from Marissa & Tim’s wedding!  Marissa is one of my closest friends – we met during college orientation, and have been close since then!  I am so happy she met Tim – they are definitely perfect for each other.

Marissa looked absolutely stunning as her dad escorted her down the aisle.This was my first true New York wedding, and Marissa’s dad, Mr. McKinney was right, there is nothing like a New York wedding!  Everything is kicked up a notch.  Marissa’s mom looked fabulous, as usual, and Marissa and Tim were elegant New York newlyweds as they entered into their first dance. Nobody could take their eyes off of them – they took dance lessons, and did great!Josh and I ended up sitting with college friends that were in the wedding that we hadn’t seen in a while, which made it so fun.  Adrienne & Ryan just got married two months before Marissa and Tim – aren’t they super cute?All the details at the wedding were so awesome – from the beach themed cake (Marissa has always spent her summers in Rockport, so the whole wedding had details of shells from there!), to Tim’s grandmothers decked out shoes, they thought of everything!Being from UMass, our table was definitely one of the rowdier ones – the DJ was highly entertained by our table’s enthusiasm (led by head coach Adrienne!).  First New York wedding – huge success!  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Frusciante, you have totally earned a lifetime of happiness!

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