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I am so happy for this couple, I am beside myself!  My sister, Courtney (we both agreed to drop the “in-law” a long time ago…) married her best friend (and my new brother), Rick, just a few short weeks ago! They sure were lucky that they didn’t plan for one week later – we would have been bracing ourselves against the first October snowstorm I can remember in a long time!

I couldn’t wait to share some of the pictures that I had – I wish there were more, but I was in the wedding, so I was very busy without my camera for most of the day.  Courtney was so excited the entire morning, and there wasn’t an ounce of nervousness anywhere!  We had one rule of the day – do not cry!  We started the day off at Europa Hair Designs in Haverhill, where both Courtney and all of the Talbot clan has been going for about 20 years.  We had the salon all to ourselves for the most part, and had a blast with Nicki, who did our hair, and Elenee, who did both hair and makeup.

Once we were all done being beautified, it was time to spin Court towards the mirror, so she could see herself all done up with her veil for the first time.  She was the first to break the no crying rule, and we all followed suit!  That’s Nicki on the left, and Elenee on the right.  We had to get them in on our silliness!

With our hair and makeup done, we were off to Zorvino Vineyards to get dressed, with a quick stop at our hotel to pick up some last-minute things, like the dress!I ran up to say hello to the boys before we took off, and to give my new brother to be a hug before he tied the knot.  I grabbed a quick shot of the Talbot family tradition that Josh’s mom, Martha, started at Josh and my wedding – every guy in the Talbot family that is part of the wedding gets a Skagen watch to wear that day.  We treat it like the wonder twin powers!Once we got to Zorvino, we hung up Courtney’s dress so it could wait for her just a little while longer, and so Martha could sew in a button from Courtney’s dad, Tim’s, Marine Corps uniform.  I may have broken the no crying rule taking these next few shots, but nobody caught me!My camera pretty much relaxed under our table for the rest of the day, while we watched Courtney and Rick say their I do’s, dabbed a few tears, dodged a little rain, posed for portraits, and danced the night away, including a little Irish Step dancing!  I did manage to run to the table in time to catch them cut the cake…Congratulations, brother and sister, I love you both, very much!  I am so happy for you!!

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