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This fall, my classmate Shawn and I teamed up to photograph Dan and Emilia’s wedding, and what a great day!  It was a beautiful Saturday, and the day started off with me at the hotel with Emilia, while Shawn headed straight over to the Lakeview Pavillion to get some shots of Dan and the groomsmen, as well as the guests arriving.

Emilia started the day in dress number one (of three!), that was just for the ceremony.  I absolutely loved her ring!  It was so different – I love when brides break tradition and go for what they really love!

There was also an abundance of shoes – each dress had its own pair, and the bridesmaids’ shoes were no different!In no time, it was time for Emilia to put on her first dress.  It really hit everyone at this point that Emilia and Dan’s day was here, and tears of joy started to spread around the room like wildfire!With our bride ready to go, we quickly headed over to the Lakeview Pavillion, and hid Emilia so Dan wouldn’t catch a glimpse of her before the ceremony.  Dan was adorable – he was a little nervous to make sure everything was perfect for his bride, and could barely stand still.Friends and family who were in the wedding started to gather with Emilia, including her dog, Bella!  She was all dressed up, ready to be a part of all of the action.It was time for Emilia to walk down the aisle.  Since her dad couldn’t be at the wedding, Dan’s dad walked her down the aisle to his beaming son, so Emilia could finally officially be a part of the family with Dan and his daughters.After a speedy ceremony, it was time for some formal portraits, and to get this couple into their wedding reception to celebrate!Both Emilia and Dan love bicycles, so it was a huge part of their wedding.  There were little details of bikes everywhere!  And the big surprise for everyone…they made their grand entrance on a bicycle built for two!  How perfect!Emilia and Dan quickly went into their first dance, and cut their cake right after dinner.  After all, it was time to party!Dan’s dad and Emilia took to the dance floor right off the bat – it was such a class act, that even one of the flower girls got caught up in the action, and (almost!) stole the show afterwards!After that, there was no stopping this crowd!  It was time to kick off those dress shoes, and get moving!  They didn’t leave the dance floor until they just couldn’t stand anymore…Here’s to you, Emilia and Dan!

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