Baby Zach – Larz Anderson Park | Boston Family Portrait Photographer

This weekend has had unusually warm weather for November – we were in the high 60’s on a Saturday morning.  I would much rather take that than our October snowstorm this year!  Mother nature must have known that it would be a perfect morning for this little guy at Larz Anderson Park.  Zach is just six months old, and is already a charmer.  Take a look for yourself!

Zach is a gadget guy already – he was so focused on his toys, and what he could do with them!  Zach totally lights up when its time to hang out with dad.  You can tell that these guys are best buddies!Check out these big brown eyes – and those LONG eyelashes.  Mom & Dad better watch out, they’re going to have a heart breaker on their hands!

After a quick bottle break and wardrobe change, it was time for Mom to have some Zach time.  Zach’s furry brother, Wally, waited patiently until for his turn to be in the limelight.Time to pull in all of the troops!  Wally had to make sure Mom & Dad knew that he loved them too.Thanks for a great morning, you guys were a lot of fun!

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