Meet Peanut!

There’s a new little one in our family, and she has four little paws, super soft fur, and a cute, wet nose!  My grandparents (well, they’re Josh’s grandparents, but I’ve claimed them as my own as well!) just picked up their Christmas puppy yesterday, and late this afternoon, we decided we had to go meet her.  Her name is tentatively Peanut, obviously due to her small stature, but Shadow (from the way she follows you around), Lexi, and Snuggles are all not far behind.  This little Boston Terrier pup will totally melt your heart!

Peanut is super playful when she’s awake, but totally was a snuggle bug the whole time we were there.  My sister, Courtney (the beautiful bride you might remember from here) could not get enough of her!

Peanut was very willing to pose for my camera.  She was one perfect model, and she definitely knew how cute she looked, even when she was out cold from the excitement of her visitors…

Peanut has definitely found a great home, and is already the princess of the house, in the short 24 hours she’s lived there.  I can’t wait to see her grow up to be the queen!

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