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My goodness, it is cold out in Boston!  I figured this would be a perfect time to curl up with some hot chocolate and remember some warmer days where the sun was shining and keeping us all toasty!

This shoot features Emily – a simply stunning girl who has such a unique look and eyes that could kill.  I gave a sneak peek of this shoot a while back here, but Emily has plenty more up her sleeve! Here are a few shots that I grabbed before we even got in the car to head out.  I mean come on, she makes my job so easy!

We headed over to the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, planning on a nice quiet afternoon and relaxing vintage shoot.  The sanctuary is at the end of a small neighborhood road, that opens up into a huge field and plenty of paths and bridges to wander through the surrounding trees.  There are a few small buildings scattered around with information about the wildlife that calls this place home.  I could wander around here for days!

You would never know it, since Emily is a superstar, but I have never seen so many mosquitoes at once! Emily handled it like a champ and casually brushed them away, while I danced around and smacked myself in the head to swat at them between frames.  I am getting itchy just thinking about them!

I love how Emily’s eyes can just pierce right through the lens!

We even pulled a couch out to the field as the sun started to set. Mosquitoes and all, we we having too much fun not to!

I’ll be seeing Emily again this year for her senior pictures (and hopefully will meet some of her friends too for the same reason- wink, wink!), and can’t wait to get her in front of the camera again – she’s just phenomenal!

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