A Weekend in the Big Apple!

While I don’t have any brothers or sisters, I have plenty of cousins to make up for it, and this past weekend, Josh and I had the pleasure of heading down to New York City to visit the youngest two of my cousins, Smith, and Elle!  Who wouldn’t have a great time with these two cuties?

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous out, so we headed over to Washington Square Park so Smith and Elle’s cousin on the other side of the family, Peyton, could ride her Christmas scooter (or as  Peyton so affectionately calls it, her shooter) outside for the first time!

Washington Square Park received a wonderful makeover in the past few years, and has a great playground, that these active kids loved!  Elle & Peyton were big fans of the swings, while Smith decided it was time to take her bike for a spin.

Of course, the slide was a big hit with everyone!

Everyone was all smiles and tuckered out after an hour of fun!

Saturday night, we sent mom and dad out to have some free time with a few friends, and Josh and I spent the evening with two beautiful ballerinas!  Spending time with these girls was way better than visiting any tourist spot we could have hit up!

This is “The Little Mermaid” pose that Smith learned in her ballet class.  Elle would not be out done, and made her best attempt!

Josh and Smith were best buddies, and even talking on the phone from across the coffee table!

Elle thought Josh was just plain silly, when he could catch her attention in between puzzles…

Thank you for a great weekend, little ladies (and of course, thank you Bryan and Christine, for letting us live with them for a weekend)!

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