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Its been a while since I blogged about how CDIA is going!  I figured instead of trying to catch up on each class in detail, I’d share just a couple of images from each class.  All of our classes have at least three final deliverables, which are meant to show our understanding of the concepts taught in the courses.  Overall, I’ve been happy with what I’ve been able to come up with!

Lucky for me, over these winter months, our classes have all been studio or post production classes, so we have been able to stay warm (although that hasn’t been too hard this year with this weather)!

Our first class built off of what we learned in Studio and Still Life (you might remember the infamous splash shots from this post), where we had to build a catalog of product, and shoot to a layout, with both a full silhouette on a white background, and what’s known as a square-up, where we had to bring in our own background.  Here’s one of each, with the right image being my “cover” shot for all the product inside!

Our next class was Photoshop 3, where we played around with learning how to process an HDR image, as well as an intro to some beauty retouching.  I will never underestimate how much work goes into a single image again – there is always something you can tweak!  The biggest learning point I took from this class is when to say that your image is “done” and to walk away from it!  Anywho, here’s my HDR shot, taken at Castle Island in South Boston:

 I had to include the before and after of this shot – I used an image from Emily’s Vintage shoot from a while back.  I liked the image before, but with some really subtle updates, Emily is finally looking as beautiful as she is in person!

Our next class was about incorporating Photoshop into the creative studio.  Our big deliverable here was a composite image.  We had to take an image we had already, and composite an image taken in the studio.  Can you tell who was in Washington Square with me last June, and who visited the studio?

After all that post processing work, our next class got us out shooting again, this time shooting Architectural Interiors with our first instructor we had at CDIA ever, Damian Hickey.  Our big project here was shooting the Boston Public Library, and we actually delivered prints to the library for their collection.  Pretty cool!  We had to take an image of both the old section and the new section of the library.  Here are the two final images that I submitted:

And now you’re caught up with all I’ve been doing this winter at CDIA!  We start portraiture this week, my favorite!  You’ll probably end up meeting some of my classmates in the coming modules, since we have to model for each other, so definitely stay tuned!

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