Emily’s Beacon Hill Senior Portraits | Boston Senior Portrait Photographer

A few weeks ago, I shot Emily’s senior portraits on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Beacon Hill.  You may remember Emily from her vintage photo shoot last summer (see that blog post here!).

Let me tell you a little about why I love this girl!  First of all, she is one smart cookie: she’s been going to the Harvard Summer School for the past few years, and (fingers crossed!) last I heard, she was waiting to hear back to find out if that’s where her home away from home would be for the next four years.  She is also one of the sweetest girls you can expect to meet, is so polite and grateful for everything she has, and we just had a ball wandering around the streets of Boston!  And of course, she is just gorgeous – take a look for yourself!

Couldn’t she be a Gap model?

And of course, we had to take a few just for Emily with a pop of red lipstick!

Good luck in college, Emily (you won’t need it)!  Harvard won’t know what hit them!

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