CDIA – Location Portraits I

Last week, our class finished another module. This class came right off of the tail of our speed lights class, where we used them instead of the full blown studio kits we’ve been used to.  This was lit with just a single speed light bounced off a wall in class:

We started out just shooting around the school, both balancing our speed lights with what we had to work with, as well as using the light after dusk to use more like a studio shot.  I really liked the look of letting just a teensy bit of ambient light into the shot, while using my own light to do exactly what I wanted with my subject.  Don’t let Catrina’s stone cold face fool you.  She may have been channeling her inner drill sergeant, but she is a sweetheart!

I love dusk by the charles…

We ventured a little further in our travels, this time back to the Boston Public Library and Back Bay, still shooting our classmates:

Here’s where things started to get really fun!  We each had to shoot an indoor and outdoor portrait that we used our own lights to make better.

My indoor shots were of my friend Doug, since it just so happens, he needed a corporate headshot!  Doug is very enthusiastic about his career, minus those boring conference calls…

I also grabbed my cousin and his girlfriend as models for the day.  I wanted Amanda to have a warm summer afternoon look, even though it was a chilly Saturday morning.  We had Amanda bundled up in her winter jacket until it was game time!

Lee also got a VERY chilly afternoon, but I wanted to get a shot of him with the skyline in silhouette, which are some of my favorite shots of the class:

Thanks to all of my fabulous models for this module! Stay tuned, there is much more keeping me busy that I can’t wait to share with you!

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