Steampunk hits Waltham

I have to admit, before this year, if someone had asked me if I knew what Steampunk was, I would probably look at them with a glazed over stare, not too far from what my dog does when she hears a noise she doesn’t recognize.   But this May, one of our class assignments was to photograph the people at the annual Watch City Steampunk Festival.

I wasn’t able to join my class that Saturday, since I was photographing Christin & Joey’s wedding (see more on that here!), but a few classmates agreed to meet up with me on a very hot Sunday morning, and we set up a photo booth of sorts, inviting people to stop in and have a portrait taken.  One quick test shot, and we were off (yes, that’s right, we were all wearing press passes!):

Throughout the day, I learned that Steampunk is a wonderful mix of the technology of today, and the romance of the Victorian era.  If these people don’t spark an interest in learning more about Steampunk, I don’t know what will!  I loved photographing and learning about each person as they came through.

Thanks to all who attended and stopped by our booth, you made beating the heat a great time!

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