Working With Models at CDIA

This week we wrapped up working with models, and did I have a good time!  We had two modules with models.  The first was a shooting module, and the second was all solely based on perfecting the images to deliver to the modeling agency for their printed portfolios.

Our first night we worked on basic headshots for the models who came in.  I was able to shoot two models, Brittney and Ferns.  Brittney has such a great personality, and couldn’t help but laughing during our shoot!  I absolutely love her hair!  I had a originally planned a sleek hairstyle, but I just fell in love with her hair the way it was.

Ferns has such great bone structure, and I wanted to highlight it with some dramatic low key lighting.  He had a very calming air about him, and I loved how intensely he would stare right into the lens, with just the slightest hint of a smirk.

Next up was Jen, and she was a great sport while our group had some slight technical difficulties with our lighting not firing outside.  I’ve shot Jen before, during a shoot for my 50 faces project last summer.  (If you want to see more of that project, click on over to that post here!)  I have been meaning to actually write a full blog post about her masquerade shoot – I’m going to have to share those soon!

We went back into the studio with Olivia to capture some motion.  This girl could MOVE.  Anything we asked her to try, she did it, nailed it, and didn’t even have to think about it.  I had a Richard Avedon feel in mind, and asked her to casually jump and fall in ridiculous shoes, and she was more than happy to oblige.

Olivia, play with this scarf while while we blow a fan right in your face.  Sure, no problem!

Olivia, dance around and jump some more while you’re dressed like a life sized doll.  Absolutely!

Olivia’s enthusiasm even inspired my classmate, Sean Fitzgerald, to hop around…

We also headed back outside to be able to shoot a little bit during our editing module (8 hours of editing at once will make your eyes cross!).  First we were joined by Helen and Matt.  I wanted to do something a little different for their shots together, and aimed for a really quiet, soft feel to their images.

We also had Brendan, who was on his first shoot as a model.  Here are the boys in their individual shots.

And finally, Helen stole the show (in the 90 seconds I had to shoot her individually) with a few completely natural light shots.  I mean seriously, who has eyes like this?

While this concludes the working with models modules, it definitely is just the start of my enjoyment of working with models!  Stay tuned, I may have a few ideas up my sleeve!  If you are a model with some ideas of your own, feel free to shoot me an email – let’s chat!

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