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That’s right, two blog posts in one day, brace yourselves!  I met Natalie & Julian at the Boston Public Garden last week for their engagement session.  They’re getting married THIS Saturday!  It was a gorgeous afternoon, and no big surprise, there were couples shooting their wedding photos all over the gardens.

We started under the bridge in the middle of the gardens.  How adorable are these two?  They had picked Boston for their engagement session since Natalie had followed Julian out here from California.  Natalie told me “Julian is legitimately the nicest guy I have ever met.”  Its undeniable that this lovebird couple is made up of two best friends.

I love Beacon Hill, and Natalie & Julian were up for a walk, so we wandered through all of the streets and borrowed doorsteps along the way.  We couldn’t decide which home was the perfect one for this couple, so we just used all of them!

Julian is ALWAYS keeping Natalie laughing.  I love it!

Smallest. Doorway. Ever.  Natalie worked it!  Julian was not so sure about being in there!

Love this series…

Once again trying to keep Natalie laughing!  Love the face, Julian!

I asked Julian to snuggle up behind Natalie, and she was NOT a fan of his idea of him putting his feet on her!  There was a quick reconciliation though :)

We came full circle back to the Public Garden right when the light was just perfect.  

Natalie & Julian, your wedding is going to be fantabulous!  I can’t wait!

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  • I am sooo happy for you tears are falling down my face. I love you guys!!!

  • Kamila Petrencik said:

    I love these pictures!! My cousin is so beautiful and her soon to be husband is not too bad on the eyes either ;) They make such a cute couple and I am incredibly excited for them!! <3

  • Natalie said:

    Thank you everyone for the comments and love! Caroline did a great job!

  • Julie Sarginson said:

    This blog brought tears to my eyes as it tied in the personalities and love between these 2 captured in the few photographs I've seen. Looking forward to many more. Great work Caroline!!

  • Julian Santos said:

    Thanks for all the love, everyone. The photos came out great. Looking forward to Saturday.

  • Sam said:

    So cute have a great day tomorrow!

  • alsanty said:

    I love Julian's fake smile... You two are adorable. Wish I was going.

  • Naomi Santos said:

    We (Mom and Lucia) love you! The photos are beautiful- I especially like the street scenes and the park, and Lucy loves the kissy ones! Congratulations!

  • Gorgeous photos - you both look sooooo happy! Made me feel like I was there celebrating with you! Sending you lot's of love.

  • Elly said:

    Beautiful picture! Beautiful couple!

  • You both look amazing! Natalie, you look gorgeous in these!

  • J said:

    It should be illegal to be this cute.

  • Lea Santos said:

    Beautiful photos came out so amazingly! I love you both so much

  • Lauren H. said:

    You guys look great!! Can't believe you get married this Saturday! Congratulations!!! :))

  • Stacie said:

    What awesome pics!!! Of an awesome couple111

  • stacey said:

    Yay so amazing Congrats!! I love all of these!! <3

  • Helene Nehrebecki said:

    I'm so excited to see you guys this weekend! Those pictures are awesome, and it is true, Natalie has always hated feet, but it sure is easy to make her laugh!

  • Tony said:

    Love all the photos!! You guys look great!

  • Evan said:

    Congrats you two! Can't wait to see some wedding photos!

  • You two are Adorable! I wish I could make it out to Boston for your wedding! Congratulations! :-D

  • said:

    natalie you look amazing, and julian has about 2 facial expressions

  • Daniella Lopez said:

    These are beautiful photos! My favorite is the shot with with the shadows! Congratulations, we'll be celebrating from home! Love you cousin!

  • Marika said:

    What a lovely blog! Thanks so much for sharing this day for her friends and family on the west coast!

    • Caroline said:

      You are very welcome, Marika! Its hard NOT to share when you have wonderful clients like Natalie & Julian!

  • Daniel Snyder said:

    Great photos! Really excited and happy for you guys!

  • Amanda Ramirez said:

    These are awesome photos Natalie! I love the candid ones of you laughing.

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