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Its family portrait season everyone!  The holidays will be here before you know it, so its time to get those family sessions in now so you can get your cards in time for the holidays!  I still have some availability for just a few fall dates, so give me a call ASAP so I can get you in!

Today’s featured family session is quite the active one!  A few weeks ago, I was able to photograph my friend Eric’s family.  It was an absolutely perfect sunset at Duxbury beach, with Eric, Cathy, their little guy (who was clearly in charge of how this shoot was going to happen!), and one more in the oven!  Our boss for the shoot was a wee bit more interested in the waves than the crazy lady with the camera at first, so a quick family walk down to the water was in order!

Eric is probably the biggest Red Sox fan I know, and has already fully instilled his love for baseball into his son!  A full family game was on the agenda.  “Daddy you pitch, Mommy you have to be catcher!”

C is definitely a daddy’s tough guy (we had to sneak mom in!).  No matter how high dad had him in there air, this thrill-seeker was ready for more!   

“Daddy, look at the waves, I want to kick ’em!”

This pile of sand made the perfect golf tee…and the baseball bat was a perfect club.

What do you do when you find a giant hole in the sand?  Climb in of course, and bury yourself up to your waist!  And if dad approves, we’re good to go!

Thanks for a fun afternoon, guys!  Can’t wait until you have two mini-me’s running around!

  • Dianna said:

    Love these fun pics! Daddy gives the highest ups!

  • Jon said:

    The picture from the catcher's position is awesome!

  • Paul said:

    Great pics!

  • Chris said:

    I like the family shot with the sunset in the background.

  • Krista said:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Nice work, Caroline. Not only is the setting gorgeous, but so is the family! Its so cool how you were able to capture the very best out of a little boy- thats a hard thing to do and Cam is the cutest!!!! WOW. xoxo krista

    • Caroline said:

      Thank you, Krista! Cameron wasn't too sure of the crazy lady with the camera, but he got used to it :)

  • George said:

    Lighting and photos are spectacular. You were able to really captured what the family is like.

  • Belle said:

    Great pics of a beautiful family

  • Alex said:

    Wonderful family photos. Looks like a nice day at he beach.

  • Robyn said:

    Cute pictures... I love the one where Cam has dug a hole and still managed to hold unto his baseball bat.

  • Jenn Bender said:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful, happy family! These are all keepers!

  • Donna Burman said:

    Loved the pictures, especially the black and white photos. They look so natural.

  • Elaine Cashman said:

    Love these photos! You did a great job capturing the personality of the Burman family! Can wait to see them in print!

  • Alyssa said:

    Gorgeous!! The light is amazing and everyone looks like they're genuinely having fun - definitely not a stuffy photo shoot! Beautiful family, beautiful photos!

  • Joe said:

    Great pictures - the little guy looks so happy in all of them!

  • Camo said:

    I am flying like a birdie. Tweet tweet.

  • Eric said:

    Slightly bias but photos look great.

  • Cathy Burman said:

    Thanks Caroline! The pictures are great

  • Anne Fraser said:

    Great pics of a fun and loving family.

  • Diana Sanelli said:

    What great shots! Every single one turned out perfect!

  • Susan Cushing said:

    Such beautiful photos!! A fun family shines through each one.

  • H & P Kivijarv said:

    Such a great day of memories

  • Pat Kivijarv said:

    A fantastic group of pictures and a wonderful setting. Pure family fun comes through in every shot.

  • Philip said:

    Such great pictures of a lovely family :)

  • Lauren B. said:

    Those are great pictures, and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun in the process.

  • Erika said:

    Those pictures of Eric flinging Cam up are out of control- great shots! I think my favorites are the first one of the fam walking to the ocean and the B&W golf tee. Wonderful work- they have their jobs cut out from them picking prints!

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