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It’s Tara & Jeremiah’s one month (plus 2 days!) anniversary, so it’s just about that time to revisit their amazing love filled wedding.  This high school sweetheart pair (who you may remember from their engagement session with their pup, Toby)  is made up of two people who know how to put what is really important in life first, and let all the pieces fall into place.  Tara was one of the most calm brides I have met, and it made the day just flow so easily.

Tara’s mom, Sharon, literally beamed.  I’m serious when I say I have never met a mom that was so happy to be part of a wedding.  Even though we teased her for tearing up the whole day, I have to admit, I was sneaking a few tears behind the camera. :)

Meanwhile, the guys were being guys, and essentially having a pre-wedding tailgate.  It was great to see so many friendly faces from my very first wedding I shot (shout out to you, Jamie & Matt!).  These guys are awesome.

I snuck over to The Granite Rose to photograph some details before everyone arrived, and of course, took Tara’s dress on its obligatory pre-wedding field trip!  It was even more stunning on Tara than it was on the super cute Mrs. hanger she had!

Due to a slight shift in schedule… (Okay, rewind.  By slight shift, I mean a certain guest shuttle never showed up to pick up anyone.  These guests rallied, and all started grouping together to make sure everyone was able to make it to the ceremony.  I have to give huge props for that, and to Granite Rose for finding a shuttle in under three hours to get everyone back safely at the end of the night.  Okay, and we’re back!) … we switched gears and did some bridal party shots of the guys and girls separately.  Even with everything going on, everyone was all smiles!

It was finally time to start the ceremony, everyone had arrived and everything was perfect.

There was not one person at the wedding who wasn’t giggling or shedding tears of joy!  This is a one of a kind crew, and they make me so happy to be able to do what I do.

We were quickly running out of hours in the day, and just short of being eaten alive by New Hampshire mosquitoes (those things are relentless!), we ran back inside to finish off some time for the newlyweds to have some last few photos of them together.  Of course, we had to get at least one of the classic “Taramiah Super Smile”!

My good friend Nick Bliss spent the day assisting me, and absolutely rocked out the photo booth we set up.  Here’s a few of my favorite shots he got!  Thanks to our model, Doug, for sparing me from being in front of the lens while we tested the light.  Well done, Doug, well done.

This was definitely a party crowd!

Tara & Jeremiah, you guys are awesome, and I am so glad you had me join in your wedding celebration!  You are an amazing couple, and I am lucky to know you both!

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