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I can’t believe that its been almost two months since Natalie & Julian’s wedding!  You may remember this bubbly couple from their engagement session, and I was so excited to see them again at their seaside wedding at Atlantica in Cohasset, MA.   I knew from the second I spoke with Natalie on the phone, I was going to love her.  She told me that if it were up to her, she would have run off to Vegas with Julian to elope, since he was just the nicest guy she had ever met, but instead, with a little encouragement from Julian’s grandmother, they decided on a small gathering of their closest family and friends.

I started my day in an itty bitty room with Natalie and her mom, Elly.  Much giggling ensued while I climbed on footstools and contorted around to shoot.

Just outside of Natalie’s dressing room was a little hallway with a perfect little window.  I couldn’t pass up these bridal portraits of Natalie. Those EYES, Natalie!

Once Natalie was ready, we tucked her away, and let Julian know he could come out of hiding and head down to the ceremony.

I love these reactions of seeing each other!  Julian could not take his eyes off of Natalie, and who could blame him?

Natalie and Julian took a few minutes to themselves while I snapped a few detail shots before heading out for formals.

This pair could not be more photogenic, and they have so much fun with each other.  I just had to get them out on this little dock!

Natalie was a little bit chilly as some wind came through, and Julian asked if it would be ok if he gave her his jacket.  Um, is it ok?  Of course!  These are some of my favorite images from the day, Julian!

It was time to get to the celebration, and some very heartfelt toasts.

This, by far, has been the funniest cake cutting I have seen!  Natalie & Julian did not hold back at all!

Congratulations, Natalie & Julian!  I am so glad you found each other!

  • Ira chaleff said:

    What a great great way to remember the joy of that day! Love Cousin Ira

  • Rosalie Fink said:

    Natalie and Julian look exquisite in these photos, which capture their excitement, love, and beauty on their wedding day. Congratulations!
    With love,

  • dana ovadia said:

    Natalie is a natural beauty, but your photographs of her are absolutely breathtaking! Who knew my friend could double as a professional bridal model!? Thank you for all of your hard work Caroline!!!

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