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It is finally time to share the absolutely enchanted wedding of Molly and John!  I was able to join the ever so wonderful Julie Sterling, and the two of us could not stop smiling from ear to ear all day.  Molly and John are quite possibly one of the most genuine couples out there, and the love that poured out from their friends and family throughout the day was impalpable.  The Overbrook House, in Bourne, MA, provided the perfect setting for this home-grown wedding.


Overbrook_House_Wedding-02Overbrook_House_Wedding-03While Julie spent most of her morning with the ladies, I stayed with John and his smashing groomsmen.Overbrook_House_Wedding-04Overbrook_House_Wedding-05

Since the guys don’t need quite as much primping as the girls, it left plenty of time for some pre-ceremony croquet.Overbrook_House_Wedding-06Just as guests began to arrive, I was able to sneak down to where Molly and John would exchange their vows.  Instead of using traditional unity candle, the couple planted a double acorn together during the ceremony.  So wonderful!Overbrook_House_Wedding-07Overbrook_House_Wedding-08

Molly looked simply stunning in her gown, and was so adorable waiting to see John!  She couldn’t help but bounce around and tell everyone she felt like a cupcake in her dress!Overbrook_House_Wedding-09Overbrook_House_Wedding-10Overbrook_House_Wedding-11Overbrook_House_Wedding-12Could you ask for a more beautiful spot to be married?Overbrook_House_Wedding-13Overbrook_House_Wedding-14Overbrook_House_Wedding-15After the amazingly sweet ceremony, it was time for some group portraits, and for Molly and John’s photos.  This couple has a blast with everything they do, including the “Up” inspired shot (as requested by a guest)!  Overbrook_House_Wedding-16Overbrook_House_Wedding-17Overbrook_House_Wedding-18Overbrook_House_Wedding-19Throughout the day, there was a bee that followed John around wherever he went.  John swore it was his grandfather, who had passed before the wedding, which totally had me tearing up a bit behind the lens.  When I saw the bee land on a nearby glass of cider, I just had to suck up my fear of bees and get this shot for John.

While Julie finished up with Molly and John’s portraits, I headed over to the cocktail reception and to the tent where lunch would be served.  Molly and John are both chefs and now farmers, so the food by Soulfire BBQ was to die for, and the music by the Goodtime String Band did not disappoint.

Overbrook_House_Wedding-21Overbrook_House_Wedding-22Overbrook_House_Wedding-23Overbrook_House_Wedding-24After lunch, guests were led through a beautiful path through the woods to the barn on the farm for dancing!Overbrook_House_Wedding-25

Molly put on her dancing shoes just before being introduced, and it was a total hit, setting the tone for a fun filled evening of dancing and fun!Overbrook_House_Wedding-27Overbrook_House_Wedding-28Overbrook_House_Wedding-30Overbrook_House_Wedding-26Overbrook_House_Wedding-31

Thank you, Julie, for having me along with you, and congratulations to Molly and John for being such an amazing couple!  Overbrook_House_Wedding-29

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