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What is this?  Two posts in two days?  I love unusually warm autumn days, especially when you know you will be spending the afternoon on the Cape!  Once again, I joined Lauren Methia Photography for my third Ocean Edge wedding of the season.  This time, it was Lisa & Dave’s day, and as I arrived, I walked into the perfect assembly line of bridesmaids!Ocean-Edge-Wedding-01

Ocean-Edge-Wedding-02 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-03 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-04 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-05 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-06 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-07 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-08 I am always struck by how expressive hands can be, especially during the process of putting on an elaborate gown like Lisa’s.

Ocean-Edge-Wedding-09Most importantly, Lisa’s face was just beaming!  Ocean-Edge-Wedding-10 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-11Lisa had a first look of her own after she had her dress on, with a priceless reaction.  She was just so happy to be marrying Dave, and seeing herself in her dress on her wedding day set off the raw emotion of the day! Ocean-Edge-Wedding-12 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-13 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-14The boys aren’t the only ones to have a little fun before the ceremony! Ocean-Edge-Wedding-15 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-16 And before too much fun was had, it was time to get this lovely lady married!Ocean-Edge-Wedding-17 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-18 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-19 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-20 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-21We whisked Lisa and Dave off to the beach for some portraits before giving them some time to finally visit with their guests.Ocean-Edge-Wedding-22Lauren looks fabulous as usual, don’t worry, she’s not trying to steal Lisa’s bouquet! Ocean-Edge-Wedding-23 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-24 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-25The peacock feather accents throughout the day were to die for.  Such an elegant touch, and it was no surprise that Ocean Edge provided a gorgeous setting once again. Ocean-Edge-Wedding-26 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-27 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-28 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-29 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-30 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-31 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-32 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-33 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-34 This was a party crowd, most definitely.  There was not a song wasted before the dance floor was full!Ocean-Edge-Wedding-35 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-36 Ocean-Edge-Wedding-37 Congratulations, Lisa and Dave, here’s to many many many more happy years to come!Ocean-Edge-Wedding-38

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