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No, I’m not sad, quite the opposite actually! I am very excited to share these next few posts with you! First, a little bit of back story. A couple of months ago, I started the multimedia storytelling modules at CDIA. We were told we had two deliverables. The first was an 8-10 photo essay telling a story about an interesting subject, and the second was to create a 5 minute multimedia piece on that same subject (if you want to skip ahead to the video, click here).

My first thought was “I’m so not into doing a multimedia project, I am a wedding photographer”, very quickly followed by “who the heck do I know that will want to do this?” After racking my brain for a while and coming up with nothing, I took a break and went to editing some images from a recent trip to Vegas, and came across this image (which is NOT of any real people – these are wax figures of the original Blue Men):

The Blue Man Group Wax Statues at the Venetian Grand Canal ShoppesI stopped and looked for a minute, and thought about how Blue Man Group would definitely make for an interesting piece. For those of you who have known me for a while, you know that I really enjoy the show and have seen it more than my fair share of times! I’ve always related to the curiosity of the character of the Blue Man, and the quirky ideas that they come up with throughout the performance.

I decided to reach out to their public relations contact, and I am so lucky that Laura is one of the nicest people around. After meeting with me, she was on board, and had the project approved! Laura connected me with the team in Boston, and I owe every person I worked with a huge thank you for the trust I was given throughout the process.

Blue Man Group in Boston is over at the Charles Playhouse on Warrenton Street. If you haven’t made it over to see the show, you should! And if you have, you should! It may be a little harder to find than some of the other theaters in this area of town, but as you get close, you’ll know you’re on the right track as you’ll see more remnants of blue paint along the buildings.

Blue Man Group Hand Prints - Charles Playhouse, BostonMeet Jason McLin, a Blue Man since 2002, and overall cool guy. I had to make him sit for a few shots, since to be a Blue Man, you’ve got to be at least 5’10”, and I am very much not! Jason was more than generous with his time, and had all kinds of great information about the show, but that will come later, so stay tuned! Jason McLin, Blue Man Group Boston Charles Playhouse Boston While Jason got into character, Lisa Hackman, Boston’s Production Stage Manager, gave me a full tour of the theater, and everything that goes into making the show happen. One thing is for sure, there is blue paint everywhere! Jason’s first comment to me when I arrived was how brave I was for wearing a white sweater. I’m happy to report I only ended up with one teensy spot of paint by the end of the day!

Behind the scenes at Blue Man Group in BostonWhile most of the crew hadn’t arrived for that evening’s show while I meandered around with Lisa, its pretty obvious this is a tight knit group that enjoys being around each other, and loves what they do. I kept finding myself giggling at things I would find, like this Polaroid on a Blue Man’s locker, or a sign making sure to note that the theater is a “velociraptor free workplace.”

Behind the scenes at Blue Man Group in BostonI particularly enjoyed seeing this wall of paintings. Everyone on the crew has their first one up. It reminded me of a proud parent’s fridge covered in their kids’ artwork.

Blue Man Group Boston Paint Ball paintingsThe Blue Men don’t see getting into character as simple as putting on a costume. As Jason put it, it is a process of taking off the mask that society has told you that you should have, and allowing yourself to be completely open, patient, and curious. I do have to admit, it was a little bit bizarre to walk out of the dressing room where Jason was, and to walk back in to see no trace of the actor I was talking to just a bit earlier, but it was quite the transformation!Jason McLin, before and after.  Blue Man Group Boston Jason McLin, Blue Man Group BostonLater on I did have the opportunity to work with three Blue Men together. They don’t have any fun, as you can tell…Behind the scenes at Blue Man Group in Boston, Greg Balla, Brian Tavener, Mike BrownUp next, these three put on a great show, so check that out here! Behind the scenes at Blue Man Group in Boston, Greg Balla, Brian Tavener, Mike Brown

Click here for part II of my visit with Blue Man!

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  • Jamia said:

    I never get tired of looking at these. :)

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  • Greg S. said:

    Cool stuff, really enjoyed the pics and commentary, would like to see more!

  • JJ Daley said:

    Wow, great photo essay. Seeing a Blue Man without the makeup was amazing.

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  • Manny Eff said:

    I too have seen the New York performance of Blue Man Group more times than I can count, as well as twice in Vegas, and once when they first began their Complex Tour way back when. I totally relate with the character in more ways than one, the most important and honest being that they are simply us stripped down from our everyday selves, without our "masks" of what society expects us to be and look. The other being their natural choice to be silent and not show traditional emotions. I wake up to go to work everyday and wish that was me, able to wake up and feel my inner Blue Man be there with me, but it only comes when I'm at the show, my inner Blue Man has long since vanished ages ago, and my searches have been to no avail.

    Thank you for these pictures, they made me so happy and gave me joy getting to see my heroes behind the scenes. One day I'll find my Blue Man once more...

    • Rebecca said:

      Hmm. Hi, Manny. What you are describing sounds to me like what can happen with meditation. It's as if one is only truly "present" when at the show. I sometimes experience this heightened sense of "being present" when attending other great performances as they are happening. Some people experience this "inner Blue Man" in nature, too, and perhaps at an exciting ball game. Certainly the players have it when they give there all. Thanks for helping me look at this in a different way. :D

  • Eric said:

    Great photos. Loved seeing the before and after blue man.

  • Jason said:


    These are awesome. I'm so excited to see the upcoming posts!

    I haven't seen the show in a few years and this really makes me want to get back there!


  • Chris Banks said:

    As always, GREAT pictures Caroline!! You gave us a fun peek behind the curtain while keeping the mystery intact. Thanks for sharing:)

  • Rebecca said:

    Curious about your image from Vegas, which I absolutely LOVE!

    • Caroline said:

      Hi Rebecca, I'm glad you enjoyed that shot, I like it too! That image is actually of three wax statues that are in the Venetian's Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas. I took the standard "tourist shot" of the three of them straight on, and decided that I wanted a more interesting angle. The wax figures are of the original three Blue Men, Chris Wink, Phil Stanton, and Matt Goldman (who I believe is the one closest to the camera in that shot).

      • Rebecca said:

        That explains it! It's such a powerful image.
        Today with pre-programmed-digital cameras, it's not so common to have a "manual" shot where only the subject of interest is in sharp focus.
        Of course, that's part of the difference between the pros (like you) and amateurs (like myself).

  • dougjq said:

    Good work, Caroline! Always a fan of your photos.

  • ronny said:

    Great work. The transformation they go through is amazing! Coming from a bald man.. I never expected them to have hair or ever look normal. :) This must have been soooo cool to work on this. I do have to ask.. how high up is that random hand print in the parking lot? hahah. amazing stuff and looks like a ton of fun!

    • Caroline said:

      Ronny, that hand print is much higher than I can jump! The "NO PARKING" is just about eye level for me!

  • VICTOR HAGAN said:

    What a great job Caroline, you should be very proud of yourself. We are proud of you anyhow... loved the clips.


  • David Willcutt said:

    Amazing job makes me want to go back to see the show again!

  • Tim Talbot said:

    Great pics! Can't wait to see your next project!

  • Suzanne Willcutt said:


  • Josh Talbot said:

    I love seeing behind the scenes - and the physical transformation from a normal guy to a blue man - great work!

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  • Lesley said:

    Very Cool!

  • Awesome job Caroline!!! I've always wanted a "sneak peek" behind the scenes and it's really cool to see the transformation. Definitely a Boston favorite.

  • This is awesome, Caroline...I really enjoyed the times I've seen the Blue Man Group and it's really cool to have this behind the scenes look and see the real people behind the show. Great work...the pics are tremendous!

  • Jen P. said:

    That transformation is incredible. I love these outtakes. The vividness of the blue really comes through in these photos!

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