Courtney’s Baby Shower | Boston Portrait Photographer

I am pretty partial to these photos, since it means that my beautiful mom-to-be sister in law has two little twin baby girls who are almost ready to make their grand entrance!  A few chilly Saturdays ago, all of Courtney's family and friends gathered at Veasey Memorial Park in Groveland for a wonderfully home grown shower, with everything times two! Boston-Baby-Shower-001

Of course, the baby blocks needed to include some numbers and multiplication, to get the girls started early in mom's math teacher footsteps. Boston-Baby-Shower-002

Thank you to Yum Bunnies Cakery for the wonderful Dr. Seuss cake!  It was beyond adorable (and delicious)! Boston-Baby-Shower-003

As soon as Courtney arrived, it was time to start attacking the mountain of gifts. Boston-Baby-Shower-004



The two proud Grams-to-be, loving every single itty bitty outfit! Boston-Baby-Shower-007

Courtney's smile just lights up the room.  She is such a beaming mom already! Boston-Baby-Shower-008



Skylar caught me red handed shooting! Boston-Baby-Shower-011

When I said there was a mountain of gifts, I wasn't kidding.  Courtney had her work cut out for her, but loved every minute of it (even if her feet did go numb for a few)... Boston-Baby-Shower-012






Can you stand how adorable these home made Irish cable knit sweaters are?   Boston-Baby-Shower-018

While I was shooting that photo of the sweaters above, I found a proud Grampy, hiding from the chaos and enjoying some clam chowder :) Boston-Baby-Shower-019

This is exactly why I will never tire of seeing Court opening presents... Boston-Baby-Shower-020

And with that, we are just left with the obligatory proud aunt shot (we take this photo every time we are together), and a GIANT wall of diapers! Courtney and Rick, you guys are going to be the best parents! Boston-Baby-Shower-021


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