Maura & Mike: Married.

Maura and Mike had a beautiful fall wedding at the Red Lion Inn, in Cohasset, filled with lots of laughter, love, and partying!  I teamed up with Lindsey Light once again, and started my day off with Mike and his good friends while they got ready for the day.

Red Lion Inn Wedding-001Red Lion Inn Wedding-002I think I may know what was fueling some of the giggling… Red Lion Inn Wedding-003 Red Lion Inn Wedding-004 Not only did I spend time with Mike and his groomsmen, but also little J as well! He was not so sure of the lady with the camera, but rocked his tuxedo and top hat for me none the less!Red Lion Inn Wedding-005 As the boys wrapped up, I headed back to the Red Lion Inn while Maura put on her finishing touches before their first look.Red Lion Inn Wedding-006 Red Lion Inn Wedding-007 Red Lion Inn Wedding-008 Red Lion Inn Wedding-009 Red Lion Inn Wedding-010 Red Lion Inn Wedding-011I love when you can tell how much a couple cares about each other by how much their body language changes when they get to look at each other.  Maura and Mike are like that.  The second they look at each other, you can see them completely relax and feel totally comfortable. Red Lion Inn Wedding-012Lindsey and I busted out formals quickly, so I grabbed the guys while she photographed the ladies.  Clearly, we weren’t having any fun! Red Lion Inn Wedding-013 Red Lion Inn Wedding-014 Meanwhile, guests arrived in the ballroom, and in no time, the ceremony began. I love the balcony that goes around the entire room, such a fun view of the ceremony!Red Lion Inn Wedding-015 Red Lion Inn Wedding-016 Red Lion Inn Wedding-017 Red Lion Inn Wedding-018And with a quick flip of the room by the awesome Red Lion Inn staff, it was time to celebrate! Red Lion Inn Wedding-019 Red Lion Inn Wedding-020 Red Lion Inn Wedding-021This was most definitely a party crew, and they wasted no time getting to the dance floor and the photo booth! Red Lion Inn Wedding-022 Red Lion Inn Wedding-023 Red Lion Inn Wedding-024You may recognize this next couple, Katie & Marc from their Glen Magna wedding (Check them out here).  Love seeing couples again! Red Lion Inn Wedding-025Congratulations, Maura and Mike!

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