Chloe & Eliza are here! A Boston Newborn Lifestyle Session

I am beyond excited to be able to share this post with you, because these two little princesses are my very first nieces!  Chloe and Eliza have already completely won over my heart, and with good reason.  They were cuties from day one, as very healthy and happy twin baby girls.

Newborn_Twin_Girls-1 After some practice with twin bunnies we brought up, the proud dad was already a pro.Newborn_Twin_Girls-3How could you not be excited to see these faces and snuggle?
Newborn_Twin_Girls-2 Newborn_Twin_Girls-4 Less than a week after making their grand entrance, Chloe and Eliza were ready for their first impromptu photo shoot!  They already have their own little personalities.Newborn_Twin_Girls-5 Baby feet times two!Newborn_Twin_Girls-6 “Clo-worm” slept through her turn, for the most part, perfectly posing herself for me and my camera.Newborn_Twin_Girls-8“Eliza-bean”, on the other hand, is already a spitfire, and stared me down! She’s so curious for not even a week!Newborn_Twin_Girls-9Plenty of funny faces… someone takes after her auntie :)
Newborn_Twin_Girls-10 But we did catch one barely sleeping moment!Newborn_Twin_Girls-11 Love you to pieces little ones!  Don’t grow up too fast, ok?Newborn_Twin_Girls-7

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