Kristen & Mark know how to party.

It’s time to seriously catch up on some blogging!  This fall I shot with Kristen & Mark’s wedding with Laurie over at Catharine Morris Photography, and gosh, they were fun!  It was one of those super rainy days, but it didn’t dampen this happy pair’s moods at all. The day was, simply put, a celebration of two families coming together, and having a whole ton of fun!

I arrived just in time to swing over to the boys room and get a few shots before they had to head down to the ceremony space.

Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-001Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-002 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-003Once the boys were off, I headed back to the girls’ suite where Laurie was finishing up with them.  I love all the beautiful flower girls I’ve been meeting!
Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-004 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-005 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-006 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-007 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-008 And in the blink of an eye, it was time to start the ceremony!Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-009 Everyone was so happy for Kristen and Mark, and who wouldn’t be!Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-010 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-011 While Laurie cranked out some formal portraits, I headed into the ballroom for some detail shots, and couldn’t help put pull the two coolest mustaches together for a photo!Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-012 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-013 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-014 As all the guests got settled in, the bridal party made their grand entrance!Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-015 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-016 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-017 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-018 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-019 This was definitely a party crew, and they had fun no matter what they were doing!Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-020 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-021 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-022 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-023 Even Kristen stepped in to DJ a little bit – she rocked the ballroom!Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-024 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-025 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-026 Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-027 Kristen and Mark, I hope you enjoy every day as much as you enjoyed your wedding day!Sheraton-Framingham-Wedding-028

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