Lesley & Andrew’s Sneak Attack Engagement

Lesley had been trying to talk Andrew into the idea of an engagement session for a bit, but he wasn’t exactly excited about the idea…

Fast forward to this past weekend, and there may have been some slight misdirection when she explained to Andrew why they would be meeting up with me at the Boston Harbor Hotel.  We were just going to talk about the wedding and maybe take a few photos. Maybe…riiiiiight.

Luckily, it was Lesley’s birthday, so Andrew couldn’t be upset when I showed up with two cameras and an assistant!  While it took a little bit of encouragement, I would say that Andrew gave us a brilliant performance.

Boston_Seaport_Engagement_01 When I asked Andrew to look at Lesley for the first time during the shoot, here’s the look I got, along with a “Seriously?” in his awesome Brittish accent.  Boston_Seaport_Engagement_03 Boston_Seaport_Engagement_02 My couples aren’t afraid to be a little silly.  And it’s awesome.  Because it means shots like this!Boston_Seaport_Engagement_05 Boston_Seaport_Engagement_04The Northern Ave Bridge is pretty wonderful, and when we walked over there, Andrew admitted he was impressed with my location choice.  And I have to admit, I was very impressed with these two!
Boston_Seaport_Engagement_06 Boston_Seaport_Engagement_11 Boston_Seaport_Engagement_09 If you’ve known Lesley for as long as I have, you know that you will never spend a significant amount of time with her before the infamous kiss face comes out.  Apparently,  Andrew’s GQ model face will also make an appearance…Boston_Seaport_Engagement_07 Lesley, those eyes!Boston_Seaport_Engagement_08Boston_Seaport_Engagement_10 It was pretty chilly outside, so we sat at the hotel bar for a birthday celebration glass of champagne and enjoyed a nice chat about how Andrew ended up moving to the states from England, their upcoming June wedding (insert excited happy dance!), and how Andrew may have exaggerated as to how much he didn’t like having his photo taken…Boston_Seaport_Engagement_13 One of the things I learned about Andrew during the shoot was how important his watch is to him.  His whole family back in England had bought it for him on his 21st birthday, and it is his most prized possession.  So naturally, that was the best pairing for Lesley’s engagement ring.Boston_Seaport_Engagement_12I can’t wait for your wedding, you guys!  It is going to be absolutely splendid!

  • Cynthia Robbins said:

    Nice job!! Great looking couple, can't wait for the wedding!!!

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