Abbie & Devin are expecting!

Okay, I’m warning you now, get ready for some serious love going on here.  I have never met a more caring and sweet couple than Abbie and Devin.  Ever.  Abbie and Devin met when they were in theatre together, and get this – their first kiss was on stage, before they were dating!  I’m happy to report, things have gone incredibly well for them since then!

I met this dashing duo last year when they were standing in as an engaged couple for a class I was in, found out Abbie was expecting, and that they still hadn’t announced it (check that post out here).  Fast forward seven months, and their little bundle of joy is almost here!  I was beyond excited when Abbie emailed me about a maternity session.  We met at the Boston Public Library for a super fun morning filled with lots of snuggles and giggles.

Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_01 Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_02 Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_03Abbie fits so perfectly in Devin’s arms.
Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_04Beautiful mom to be alert!
Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_05 Abbie and Devin laugh and smile a lot, especially when they’re photo-bombed. Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_06 Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_07 That adorable belly! Abbie knows how to work those curves!Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_08 Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_09Devin is so incredibly sweet, and is undeniably still head over heels for his girl.  The only thing I posed here was to have Abbie hold onto the grate on the window.  Then this happened.
Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_10 Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_11 Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_12 Of course, if you’re spending time in the Boston Public Library, you need to get some reading done.  And what better choice but Make Way For Ducklings?Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_13 Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_14 With a quick change, we were back out to the courtyard.  I could shoot here all day, every day.  It’s just too awesome.Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_15 Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_16 Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_17“Abbie, I want you to look right into the lens with just a little smirk.”  Oh ok, nailed it.
Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_18 Abbie’s friend made this INSANELY adorable owl.  I want one. Just because I love him and his cute little face.  And check out that ultrasound.  I think this guy gets his look and camera ready look from his parents!Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_19 Congratulations, Abbie and Devin!  You are going to be spectacular parents.  That is one lucky baby bump!Boston_Public_Library_Maternity_20

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