Imagine Yoga with Jill

Everyone can use a little quiet time in their life, and last week, I was able to meet up with Jill of Yoga With Jill for a chilly outdoor headshot session.  It seems like quite some time ago, since in the past week, all the trees in the area have gone from completely stark to all in bloom!  For those of you who practice yoga, you can appreciate the skill Jill has to be able to do this in the cold!   Don’t let the warm sun fool you, there was plenty of wind whipping around us.Yoga_08Yoga_03 Jill was all smiles, she’s quite the friendly yogi!Yoga_05 Yoga_04 Yoga_06 Yoga_09 Yoga_02 I think this is my favorite shot of the afternoon.  The intensity in Jill’s face just says, yeah, I got this eight angle pose.  Nailed it.Yoga_07You’re a beautiful instructor, Jill!  Anyone would be lucky to learn from you!

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