Greg Balla – Behind the Blue!

It’s been quiet on the blog lately, so I figured it’s time to catch you up on what has been keeping me busy lately, outside of spending lots of time with my lovely couples who are about to or just have tied the knot.

Meet Greg Balla, a dashing and handsome actor that you most definitely have seen on the blog before. Don’t recognize him? You shouldn’t. Confused? Click here. The last image of this post is a dead giveaway.

When Greg decided to join me (after a slight scheduling mishap) for a headshot session, I was pumped. Not only is Greg a permanent cast member at Blue Man Group, he can be found on Boston’s live theater scene, most recently in “By The Way, Meet Vera Stark”.

Greg Balla, Blue Man GroupGreg is a wonderful actor, a great singer, and generally just an awesome person to spend time with. An hour quickly turned into two, as we enjoyed Beacon Hill in the spring between shots. I could listen to Greg talk all day, not only because he’s great to talk to, but his theatrical voice is just wonderful.  Greg has a very genuine and gentle air about him, with probably friendliest eyes I’ve seen to date (yes, eyes can be friendly). Greg Balla, Blue Man Group Greg Balla, Blue Man GroupI teased Greg a bit at how easily he would slide into being his blue self, constantly giving me almost a smirk, without giving me any idea of what sort of what sort of mischief he might be brewing up.
Greg Balla, Blue Man GroupGreg Balla, Blue Man GroupWhile Greg kept a very dapper demeanor for his head shots, here’s some proof of two things: 1) Greg is a (self-proclaimed) professional wall leaner, and 2) I always have fun with my clients, and can be pretty funny, if I do say so myself.

Greg Balla, Blue Man GroupThis is nothing but top-notch wall leaning.
Greg Balla, Blue Man Group Thanks for a great session, Greg, I can’t wait to see your next performance!Greg Balla, Blue Man GroupGreg Balla, Blue Man Group

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