Lesley & Andrew’s British-American Wedding!

You had a little preview into Lesley & Andrew’s wedding story when I shared their slideshow, but it’s time for me to share their blog post!  It was a beautifully warm Cape summer day, loaded with lots of sunshine.  I arrived with my awesome assistant Nick (who was awesome with capturing some of the detail shots below as well as rocking out a photo booth at the reception!) at Lesley’s parent’s awesome Cape Cod home, while there was lots of hustle and bustle while the ladies prepped for the day.  There of course was a lot to smile about, because not only was this their first wedding before the happy couple jet-setted across the Atlantic to celebrate with Andrew’s family, Andrew’s closest cousin’s surprised them the night before the wedding, and showed up at the door to attend their American wedding! And Sarah was able to find a dress that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses the morning of the wedding to boot!


Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_01 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_02 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_03

How adorable are these glasses that Lesley made for all of her bridesmaids?


Lesley’s bracelet was her grandmothers, and it perfectly complimented her beautiful gown.

Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_05 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_06 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_07 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_08Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_10


Lesley did not stop smiling as soon as she put her dress on, and for good reason!  She was a true Cape Cod beauty!



Lesley went simple with her fabulous Hearts On Fire earrings and necklace.



A few quick portraits (and a classic Lesley kiss face), before it was time to skedaddle to the ceremony!



The Long Pasture Audubon provided for a lovely ceremony location, overlooking Sandy Neck beach, and the pretty awesome sandbar.

Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_14 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_15 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_16 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_17 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_18 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_19


Andrew is not necessarily the first to show emotion (I mean, he is a proper man, after all), but the look on his face when Lesley turned the corner was priceless.  Tears immediately started to flow, while he said quietly, over and over “Oh wow, she’s beautiful, just wow.”  It was wonderful.

Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_20 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_21 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_22 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_23 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_24

The coordinator at the Audubon unknowingly dressed in bridal party colors!  We couldn’t skip out on getting a photo with the guys.



Here’s something you don’t see every day: the Cape Cod Wildlife center called Lesley’s dad the morning of the wedding to ask if it was possible for them to release a red tailed hawk after the ceremony.  They had just finished rehabilitating her, and she was ready to go home.  Lesley excitedly said “Of course!  How cool is that?”  It was great to see this beauty take flight again.



Lots to celebrate!

Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_27 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_28 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_29


This bridal party knows how to have fun…

Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_30 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_31 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_32 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_33


It was time to get the newlyweds to their party!  And DIY queen Lesley struck again with lots of adorable details leading the way.


Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_35 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_36 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_37Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_38 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_39

The reception was kicked off with an emotional toast by Lesley’s dad, Phil, followed by equally entertaining toasts by the Maid of Honor and Best Man!

Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_40 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_41


How sweet are these two together?

Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_42 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_43


Andrew decided to let loose a little bit, and show off his excitement of being a husband…

Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_44 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_45

…and we headed back inside to have the amazing band Men In Black open the dance floor!  This crowd was definitely ready to party.

Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_46 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_47 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_48

For anyone who needed to refuel for dancing, there was a super yummy ice cream bar to hit the spot!

Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_49 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_50 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_51 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_52 Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_53

Thank you for having me, Lesley and Andrew!  It was a wonderful day with a wonderful couple!Ridge_Club_Cape_Cod_Wedding_54


Dress:  Alfred Angelo
JewelryHearts On Fire (earrings, necklace, wedding rings)
Bracelet: Grandmother’s
FlowersHarvest of Barnstable
Hair & MakeupMelanie Crane
Band: Men In Black
Steel Drum: Jose Costa
Reception SiteThe Ridge Club
Ceremony Site: Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary
Officiant: Anne Fabian, Bride’s aunt

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