Ashley & Greg are Engaged!

I can’t wait any longer to share this post!  I had told Ashley that I was going to have her be the inaugural post on the new blog coming soon, and she has waited SO patiently for her engagement session to be featured on the blog.  Well, this may not be the new blog just yet, but rest assured, you will see this stupendous couple again when their October wedding is here!

I love nothing more than seeing friends of my past couples become my brides and grooms!   Ashley and Greg met with me last fall after I had worked with two of Greg’s co-workers and friends (Remember these two?  Don’t forget about this couple!).  We instantly hit it off, and I knew that I would be having so much fun with this duo.  Greg and Ashley are just awesome and playful together, it’s just not even funny.  Seriously you guys, cut it out, and share your awesomeness with everyone else.

Great_Brook_Farm_Engagement_001Ashley is so unassuming, that when Greg took her out onto the beach, and “stumbled” upon a note in the sand saying “Will You Marry Me?”, Ashley’s first response was, “oh my gosh, how cute is that, someone just got engaged right here!”  Little did she know (until she saw Greg with her engagement ring), that she was the one who was about to be engaged!







Here is where I cried (just a little bit), when I heard Greg quietly singing to Ashley, while they sat underneath this gorgeous old oak tree.




Again with his thoughtfulness.  I did not prompt Greg to pick a flower for Ashley.  He just did it.  Ashley beamed.  I smiled from ear to ear.  You guys make my job just too easy.Great_Brook_Farm_Engagement_014



Greg and Ashley, it is not enough to say I’m so excited for your wedding.  Camp Kiwanee is not going to know what hit them!  Great_Brook_Farm_Engagement_020

  • Joel said:

    Maried between 40 years. ..never i have to know that with my wife .
    You are really very beautiful all the two. ..long and happy life together my birds !...Joel.

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  • Ashley Molinari said:

    Thanks so much for the amazing job on these, Caroline. We love them and are so glad you're going to be with us for the wedding! You are the best!
    See you soon! Xo

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