Ally & Chad Are Married!

Last weekend, a couple that knows a lot about love and caring tied the knot.  Surrounded by their closest family and friends, Ally and Chad did their wedding right: without unnecessary stress, with lots of smiles, and always, always with love, not only for each other, but for every single person who shared in their day.  When I arrived at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Ally greeted me (and my tag team second shooter for the day, Kat Hanafin) with a huge smile, and an even bigger hug.  Ally admittedly was a bit nervous, but said “I’m nervous then I’m not nervous, then I’m nervous again, so it comes in waves.”  (Remember that for later in the post).  While Ally relaxed with her bridesmaids, I got to work with all of Ally’s details.  Within five minutes of starting shooting, I decided that I want to have my own wedding all over again, and I want Ally in charge of my details!


Ally’s Vera Wang dress was breathtaking.  As in I actually said “Shut UP, Ally!  This dress is ridiculously amazing!”  Underneath this smashing dress, you’d find the most adorable bedazzled Toms.

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_002 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_003 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_004 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_005 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_006

Both Ally and Chad had a locket attached to their flowers for the day.  Inside each locket was an image of the two of them together, and one of Chad’s mom, to keep her very close at heart.


When Kat headed over to the boys to spend some time with them, and asked Chad how he was feeling, his response was “I’m nervous, and then I’m not nervous.  And then I’m nervous again.  It kind of comes in waves.”  Yep, these two are just meant to be together.

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_008 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_009 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_010 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_011

Alicia and Grace of  Blushing Brides did a wonderful job on all of the ladies, and made these beautiful ladies just look stunning!Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_012 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_013 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_014 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_015

Ally, I’m obsessed with you and your dress.  You are b-e-a-utiful.

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_016 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_017 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_018

Ally and Chad opted for a first look, so they would be able to spend more time with their family and friends during their cocktail hour and reception.  We had all of the bridal party relax for a bit upstairs at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet, so Ally and Chad could have some time on their own (with me documenting, of course!).  Both Ally and Chad immediately took a deep breath when they saw each other, saying “I’m so excited to finally see you, I’ve wanted to see you all day!”  For those of my brides who aren’t sure about a first look, and are worried that it might take away from that moment when you come down the aisle, let Chad’s face assure you, it cannot.

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_019 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_020 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_021

Um, Vanity Fair?  Where are you? I have your next models for you.


Keep your eyes peeled for Chad’s reaction to seeing Ally walking towards him.  It’s pretty awesome.

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_023 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_024 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_025

Remember how Ally and Chad had said the same thing about being nervous?  It happened again. DURING THEIR VOWS.  Ally and Chad wrote their own vows for each other, and it was uncanny.  This is Ally giggling as she realized that Chad had stolen her lines!

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_026 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_027 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_028



This couple has some seriously rockin’ family and friends.  Oh, and they can rock the Vanity Fair look too.  (Ashlee, who said you can’t rock a serious face?  You nailed it!)

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_030 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_031

Last Saturday was hot.  REALLY hot.  So I promised Ally and Chad that we would be outside for less than five minutes.  And we did it!  I checked the timestamps on my camera, 4 minutes, 7 seconds.  BOOM.

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_032 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_033 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_034

Back in side we went to cool off and for a few more portraits, and then off to party!

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_035 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_036 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_037 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_038 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_040 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_041 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_042

There was not a dry eye in the house (myself included), while Chad’s father gave a toast about how absolutely proud his mom would have been to see Chad marry Ally.  I’m getting teary-eyed writing about it.  It was so filled with love and emotion.

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_043 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_044 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_045 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_046


Chad asked his godmother to step in and dance with him for his mom.  So wonderful.

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_047 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_048

This crew wasted zero time when the dance floor was opened up for everyone.  I wish I had moves like these guys did!

Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_049 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_050 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_051 Biltmore_Rhodes_On_The_Pawtuxet_Wedding_052

This is Steve, aka Bon Jovi.  His rendition of Dead or Alive was spot on, and the entire party was into it!


Ally and Chad, I am beyond honored to have spent your wedding day with you.  You are both absolutely wonderful people, and I’m a better person to know both of you!  I can’t wait to hang out again very soon.  FOR REALZ. ;)



Ally & Chad’s Wedding Day Team!

Venue: Rhodes on the Pawtuxet presented by Russell Morin Catering

DJ: LimeLite Entertainment

Hair/Makeup: Alicia & Grace of Blushing Brides

Dress: Vera Wang

Shoes: Toms (with a little DIY sparkle by the bride!)

Officiant: Groom’s Uncle

Flowers: Jessica Roy, Bride’s friend

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