Erin & Patrick Tied the Knot!

Wedding season is in full swing, which means I have totally been neglecting to post some of the weddings I’ve been shooting with my colleagues this year!  This spring, I joined Erica Ewing at Erin & Patrick’s travel themed Charter Oak Country Club wedding.  Erin and Patrick are a sweet duo, with Erin’s bubbly personality, and Patricks debonair style.  Patrick and his groomsmen started off their day getting ready at the Sheraton in Framingham.  Normally there aren’t too many details per se while the guys get ready, but Erin had given Patrick cufflinks with a map of the two most important cities in their relationship.  How adorable are these?

Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_001 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_002 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_003

Meanwhile, just quick few steps away, Erin was spending some quality time with her bridesmaids and family.

Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_004 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_005Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_007

As everyone put on their finishing touches, we headed over to St. Brigid’s church in Framingham to turn the happy couple into happy newlyweds!

Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_006 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_008 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_009 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_010 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_011 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_012 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_013 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_014


A big congratulations from her brothers! The whole family was all smiles while Erica made sure all of the family formals were checked off the list.Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_017Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_018Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_019Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_020

All of the travel themed details were to die for.  So wonderful!  Erin is one crafty bride!Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_015Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_016Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_021 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_022 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_023 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_024Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_031Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_025 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_026 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_027Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_028Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_029 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_030Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_032 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_033 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_034

This group was undoubtedly a party crowd.  Within a few minutes of the dance floor being opened for the night, it was packed, and a conga line had already broken out!Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_035 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_036 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_037 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_038 Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_039

Here’s to many happy years to come to you, Erin and Patrick!Charter_Oak_Country_Club_Wedding_040

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