Paulina & Greg are Married | New Seabury Country Club Wedding

It’s time for some serious catching up, so let’s travel down to the Cape (and since it’s Labor Day, it’s much better to travel on my blog rather than sitting in traffic), this time to Paulina & Greg’s New Seabury Country Club wedding, where I spent the day shooting with one of my photography BFF’s, the spectacular Tara Lynn Sen. I spent the morning where Greg grew up on the Cape, and got to know his family, including the family dog!  Greg’s dad offered me all kinds of food and drink, and went out of his way to make sure I felt welcome.  So adorable.

New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_001 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_002 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_003 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_004 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_005 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_006

In all seriousness, how cute are Greg’s parents and grandmother?


Time for the ceremony (less than a minute from where we were, which makes for much less stress on a wedding day!)…New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_008 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_009

This is Eddy, the most helpful and sweet limo driver I have ever met.  Normally I am trying to crop out vendors from wedding photos (it’s about your day after all!), but I couldn’t help but give Eddy a shout out.  After the ceremony it started raining quite a bit, and Eddy was a total team player, and helped me hold four umbrellas over Tara’s head to make sure she (and her camera!) were covered.  Yes, we kept the family covered too!  They stayed nice and dry under the church awning.

New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_010 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_011 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_012 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_013 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_014 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_015

I love when couples have live entertainment at their cocktail hour.  It most definitely sets the celebration atmosphere, rather than cocktail hour being the time where all of your guests stand around and wait to get to their seats.


With a part in the clouds, Tara and I hurried Paulina and Greg outside to take advantage!

New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_018 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_019

This bridal party knew how to make an entrance, and DJ Danny Walsh kept the musing flowing perfectly throughout the whole reception.

New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_021 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_022 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_023 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_024 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_025 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_026

These are two of the sweetest parent dances.  Paulina’s dad was just clearly beaming, and Greg and his mom giggled and laughed with each other the entire time.

New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_027 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_028 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_029 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_030 New_Seabury_Country_Club_Wedding_031

Thanks for having me, Tara!  To Paulina and Greg,


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