Gina & Nick: Married! | A Tatnuck Country Club Wedding


I love when I’m able to join some of my colleagues and friends to photograph weddings with them.   Earlier this year, I joined Erica Ewing at Gina & Nick’s wedding at Tatnuck Country Club.  Gina and Nick are the type of people that will always keep you smiling, because they just radiate happiness.  I arrived at Nick’s parents house, and they welcomed me with open arms, perfectly lying out every little detail I could possibly want to photograph.

Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0001 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0002

Nick was looking pretty dapper in his swanky suit.  Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0003 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0004

Nick’s mom was hoping for a few family photos before the boys headed off to the church, and I was happy to oblige.  Here’s a little proof that sometimes I can be funny :)  I’m not sure what I said here, but I did get everyone laughing!Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0005

Nothing like a little Youtube video for boutonniere instructions…Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0006 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0007 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0008 Gina was stunning as she arrived at the church.  She was beaming. Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0009 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0010 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0011

So many smiles.  You can tell a lot about a couple just by how happy everyone at their wedding is.  Every single person here was just oozing with joy for Gina and Nick.

Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0012 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0013 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0014 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0015 How adorable is it that Gina and Nick built in some time to stop by the restaurant where they had their first date?Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0016 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0017

While Erica took a whirlwind tour for family and bridal party photos, I headed over to Tatnuck Country Club to photograph the wonderful details awaiting all of Gina and Nick’s friends and family, including a cigar bar during cocktail hour!Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0018 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0019 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0020 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0021 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0022 As Gina and Nick arrived for their portraits, I drove a golf cart for the first time in my life to our awesome locations on the golf course.  (I apologize for driving a bit like a grandma, Erica!)Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0023 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0024 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0025 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0026

It was time to get this party (which, by the way was so rocking that the electricity going out in the tent three times didn’t stop them from dancing) started!Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0027 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0028 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0029 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0030 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0031 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0032 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0033 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0034 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0035 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0036 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0037 Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0038

Congratulations, Gina and Nick!  I’d wish you a lifetime of happiness, but I know you’re going to have that!Tatnuck_Country_Club_Wedding_0039

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