Little Miss Mackenzie Is Two!


Happy Friday, folks!  This week I was able to spend a glorious Sunday evening with the J family, because their superstar, Miss Mackenzie is two!  And despite this little beauty’s small stature, she has a giant personality.  I am pretty sure that we managed to keep the notion that this was actually a photo session a secret from Mackenzie, even though I was the crazy lady with the camera.  To Mackenzie, this was just a fun evening of running, peeking, dancing, spinning, and flowers, all rewarded with a well earned trip for ice cream with mom and dad!    Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_001 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_002 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_003 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_004 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_005 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_006

After some fun swinging, we told Mackenzie there was a doggy in my camera.  I love her look of genuine concern for the poor puppy stuck in there!Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_007 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_008 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_009

Mackenzie knew better that something was going on behind her!  Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_010 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_011 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_012 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_013 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_014

This toddler is filled with sass and style – watch out, dad!Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_015 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_016 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_017 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_018 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_019 Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_020

These three images just crack me up.  They were my last three frames of the evening, and Mackenzie was ready for her ice cream trip.  We said ok, just a couple more, and we’re all done!  Mackenzie looked dad straight in the eye, said “Ok, just one more, Daddy.”  She looked at Mom, for confirmation, and whipped out the sassiest smiley face at me for our last shot.  With that, it was a wrap.  Thank you for being the sweetest little girl, Mackenzie, and thank you to Mom and Dad for having me spend time photographing your beautiful family for an evening!Arnold_Arboretum_Family_Photos_021

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