Matthew – Boston Actor Extraordinaire! Boston Headshot Photographer

This has been quite the whirlwind of a summer – I can’t believe fall starts next week!  While I love the  fall (especially fall weddings!), I will certainly miss the hot days of summer, much like the summer day that I met Matthew for a head shot session.  I am pretty sure the temperature this day was somewhere around “surface of the sun” degrees, and Matthew stayed as cool as a cucumber for his head shots.  You’d never know how much we were aching for a cool breeze.  (It never came, for the record.)  Keep your eyes peeled for this guy, folks, this actor (who totally reminded me of a young Ethan Embry with WAY cooler hair) is going places! Boston Actor Headshot 1 Boston Actor Headshot 2 Boston Actor Headshot 3 Boston Actor Headshot 4 Boston Actor Headshot 5 Looking forward to seeing you on the big screen soon, Matthew!

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