Jen’s Duxbury Beach Senior Portrait Session



I love seeing my clients grow up.  I first met Jen when she was just a wee freshman a few years ago, when my good friend Noel signed her up for a test shoot with me back in 2011 (check out how amazing Jen did in her masquerade shoot in my models portfolio!).  Since then, we’ve met up a couple of times when I needed a model, so I was thrilled when she asked me to take her senior photos for her at Duxbury Beach.  There’s not much to say, Jen’s beauty speaks for itself!  I mean let’s be honest, those EYES, Jen!

Duxbury_Beach_Senior_Portrait_0001 Duxbury_Beach_Senior_Portrait_0002 Duxbury_Beach_Senior_Portrait_0003 Duxbury_Beach_Senior_Portrait_0004 Duxbury_Beach_Senior_Portrait_0005 Duxbury_Beach_Senior_Portrait_0006

This one is probably my favorite shot from our session.  We waited for that perfect post sunset light, and blocked a few cars for this shot, but it was worth it!  There are only about 3 minutes in a day that look this perfect (if you’re lucky), so when I had Jen out on an old wooden bridge in those three minutes, it made me one happy photographer!



Thanks for a wonderful shoot, Jen, you are destined for great things!

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