Maureen & Greg: Married | A Lighthouse Inn Wedding



Maureen and Greg are nothing shy of awesome.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy this very smiley post!  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who smiles more than these two when they are together!

I’ve known Greg my whole life, we’re (almost) cousins.  So when Maureen emailed me to say they wanted me to photograph their wedding, I was honored. I also instantly realized this meant photographing some of my own family, who are some most fun people I know!  When the day finally arrived, it was a beautifully warm fall afternoon on Cape Cod, and the sun was shining over the Lighthouse Inn.  My colleague, Masao from Amara Photography was my partner in crime for the day, and took care of the guys while I spent my time with the ladies, and could not have been more amazing to work with!  The cottage at the Lighthouse Inn was bustling with bridesmaids, hairstylists, flower girls, and none other than my good friend Noel from Makeup 2 Die 4, while Maureen’s dress patiently waited for her upstairs.

Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0001 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0002


I’m particularly partial to Maureen’s color choices (I mean, really, purple is just the best), and Anna Holmes did a wonderful job finding the most beautiful purple hydrangeas for her wonderful arrangements.

Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0003 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0004 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0005 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0006 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0007 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0008


Meanwhile, on the other side of the lawn, the guys were totally goofing off prepping for the day and enjoying the gorgeous weather.Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0009 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0010 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0011


This text message made me smile.  A lot.  It was the perfect text for Maureen, just as it was time to put on her wedding dress.

Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0012 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0013 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0014Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0015


The Immaculate Conception Chapel patiently waited for the blushing bride to arrive.Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0016


Remember how I said that my family is fun? Meet a few of them, enjoying one of their favorite pastimes, photobombing!



All kidding aside, EVERYONE was so happy to be at this wedding.  There was so much emotion in this teeny little chapel, I am surprised it didn’t burst open at the seams!Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0018 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0019 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0020 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0021 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0022 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0023


Greg literally lost his breath as Maureen walked into the aisle.  This is how you should feel about seeing each other.  My heart beats a little faster every time I see their faces seeing each other.Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0024 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0025 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0026 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0027 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0028 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0029 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0030 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0031


Okay guys, this is how you know your family and friends are awesome.  When your entire wedding surprise serenades you leaving the church with “Here Comes the Sun”, you know you’re doing something right.    Maureen’s face  as she realizes what is happening = priceless.

Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0032 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0033 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0034 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0035 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0036 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0037 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0038 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0039 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0040 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0041


It’s party time, and these crazy cats are ready!

Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0042 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0043 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0044

These are the faces of people listening to (and giving) some pretty rocking toasts.
Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0045 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0046Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0061Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0047 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0048 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0049 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0050 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0051 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0052



One of my favorite images of the night.  Nothing else outside of these two singing to each other existed to them in this moment.  There was not a dry eye in the house.Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0054 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0055 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0056



It’s really not a party until Greg’s dad ties something around his head.  It’s usually his own tie, but in this bow tie situation, a ribbon from his table had to suffice.

Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0057 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0058 Lighthouse_Inn_Wedding_Cape_Cod_0059


Maureen and Greg, I hope Hawaii was more than amazing, and that you are always as happy and in love as the two of you were on this day!


  • Suzanne Willcutt said:


  • Jen Gentry said:

    Wow. The picture of you and Manny walking down the isle says it all. So happy for you!

  • Adrienne said:

    Such a very special and fantastic wedding!

  • Charlene Martin said:

    Simply beautiful Maureen. I wish you much love and happiness!!!

  • Nathan said:

    LOVE...JUST LOVE....NO OTHER WORDS TO DESCRIBE! You deserved nothing but the best day and it looks like thats just what you got! Can't wait to catch up and hear all about it!

  • Jen Battell said:

    Such great pics! What an awesome day!! Xo

  • Nalda Bautista said:

    it's all I can say!
    These photos are so incredibly telling what a wonderful day it was for all of you!
    So emotional to see how happy everyone looked throughout the wedding!

    Thank you for sharing

  • Teresa Ferris said:

    What a great snapshot of the wedding!

  • Emily A. said:

    I am crying all over again! What an awesome day! The only thing missing is a pic of those lovely ladies that were handing out the programs at the church. :)

  • said:

    Happiness...Love....Great Memories!

  • Geoff MacDonald said:

    Awesome pictures, good times.

  • Maureen said:

    Best Day EVER!!!!!

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