Erika & Erik: Married at the Lilac Inn!

I am so happy to share Erika & Erik’s wedding day with you!  I’ve known Erika for 12 years now, and I am so honored to have been there with her on her wedding day with my girl Tara Lynn Sen!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the Lilac Inn, with the sun shining, and trees just starting to turn into their golden fall colors.  The Inn provided for the perfect warm and inviting home for Erika and Erik’s wedding, that fit perfectly with their warm and caring personalities.  We arrived at the inn while Erika very promptly checked everything off of her getting ready list.  Being a Marine, everything was planned to a T, and there was no surprise that everyone knew exactly where they needed to be and when!  Everything went off without a hitch (except for the happy couple being hitched at the end of the day, of course!).  Everywhere you looked, people beamed with happiness for Erika and Erik.  You just can’t help it.  It is so clear how much they care about each other, and the fact that it is impossible for them to look at each other without giggling is contageous!

Vermont_Wedding_0001 Vermont_Wedding_0003Vermont_Wedding_0002 Vermont_Wedding_0004 Vermont_Wedding_0005 Vermont_Wedding_0006 Vermont_Wedding_0007 Vermont_Wedding_0008 Vermont_Wedding_0009 Vermont_Wedding_0010 Vermont_Wedding_0011 Vermont_Wedding_0012 Vermont_Wedding_0013

I love this little last moment giggle fit with Erika and her dad before they walked down the aisle!Vermont_Wedding_0014 Vermont_Wedding_0015


Did I forget to mention the cutest little wedding crasher you ever did see?

Vermont_Wedding_0016 Vermont_Wedding_0017 Vermont_Wedding_0018 Vermont_Wedding_0019 Vermont_Wedding_0020 Vermont_Wedding_0021 Vermont_Wedding_0022 Vermont_Wedding_0023 Vermont_Wedding_0024

Erika & Erik just couldn’t help but sneak in one last smooch before they were introduced…  Vermont_Wedding_0025 Vermont_Wedding_0026 Vermont_Wedding_0027 Vermont_Wedding_0028 Vermont_Wedding_0029Vermont_Wedding_0030

After dinner, this crew wasted no time partying into the night!Vermont_Wedding_0031 Vermont_Wedding_0032 Vermont_Wedding_0033 Vermont_Wedding_0034 Vermont_Wedding_0035 Vermont_Wedding_0036 Vermont_Wedding_0037

Erika & Erik, please, ALWAYS laugh as much as you did on your wedding day together.  You have so much happiness inside, keep on sharing that!Vermont_Wedding_0038

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