Alyssa & Mike’s Fairytale Arrows Restaurant Wedding

Happy weekend, everyone!  Most importantly, happy three week anniversary to Alyssa & Mike!  This one is a photo heavy post, you guys, so go grab a cup of coffee and settle in.  There is just so much I loved about this wedding.  (One of them being that it was one of the very first times my own hubster joined me as an assistant!)  You’ll remember Alyssa & Mike from their engagement session earlier this summer, and I’ve been impatiently waiting for their day to arrive.   Alyssa & Mike had decided to kick their original plans for a traditional ballroom wedding in California to the curb, and I couldn’t be happier about it.   It was a glorious fall day, and the sun shone brightly over the Maine coast, while I joined Alyssa and her closest ladies at the Stage Neck Inn, in York.

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0001 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0002

There was such a calm happiness that filled the room, and everyone was just ready to go.  Alyssa wins the record for speediest prep for a bride!  Everything flowed flawlessly, and the second anyone laid eyes on Alyssa in her Jenny Yoo gown for the first time, their entire face lit up.  It was pretty much impossible not to, with the ladies at Skin Studio in York doing such a wonderful job on Alyssa’s hair and makeup, Alyssa was simply glowing.

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0003 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0004 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0005 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0006 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0007 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0008 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0009 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0010 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0011 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0012 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0013 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0014 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0015 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0017 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0018 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0016

I have to admit, being a planner, I was a wee bit nervous when Alyssa had a spot on the beach where she wanted to do her first look in the early afternoon.  Without a cloud in the sky, I followed behind Alyssa to a private beach near where her uncle Steven lives. Normally I would strongly encourage avoiding the beach at all costs on a bright sunny day like this, but Alyssa admitted to me that this was her favorite place in the whole world.  After being there with them, I can see why.

As Mike arrived, I got Alyssa situated (in her rock climbing wedding shoes!), and invited Mike to come and see his bride for the first time.  With everyone else being back by our cars, they were able to have a first look the way they should be: honest, unposed, and personal.  I have no idea what Alyssa and Mike said to each other here, but I do know that whatever it was, it was just perfect.

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0019 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0020 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0021 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0022 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0023 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0024

After the happy couple was ready, we grabbed our best man and maid of honor, and had a bit of fun before signing their Ketubah, and heading to the ceremony at Arrows Restaurant.

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0026 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0027 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0028 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0029 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0030 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0032Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0031Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0033Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0034

Arrows Restaurant is a little slice of heaven on earth.  The minute we took a breath after pulling in, you could smell the delicious meal that Clark Frasier had in store being prepared.  I’m also pretty sure that a photographer must have had their hand in designing this space, because every spot on the property was filled with romantic glowing light that wrapped perfectly around every guests face.

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0035 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0036 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0037

This was most definitely a celebration of two families coming together, from opposite sides of the world (most of Mike’s family came all the way from China to be there!).

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0038 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0039


Clearly, we weren’t having any fun at all…


See what I mean about that light?  So beautiful.


Calluna Fine Flowers made absolutely stunning arrangements that were nothing short of perfect for this fairytale garden affair.

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0042 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0043

Every guest was beaming for the couple, and the two sides of the family came together, completely enjoying every minute together.

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0044 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0045 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0046


I love, love, LOVE, Mike’s face seeing Alyssa come around the corner towards the aisle.  He is so absolutely genuine, and just can’t hide how happy he is with her.

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0048 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0049 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0050 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0051 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0052 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0053 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0054Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0061 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0060Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0055 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0056 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0057 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0058 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0059 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0062 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0063

So happy to be married!

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0064 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0065

If you’re a Boston commuter, you might recognize these two, known as the Subway Duo.  They are amazing, and play their own original covers of current songs in Boston area subway stations.  I’m not kidding when I say Alyssa & Mike walked out of their ceremony to a slower and relaxing version of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”, and it was an absolutely beautifully done rendition.   Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0066 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0068 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0069 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0070Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0071a Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0072a

The whole team at Arrows is wonderful.  Head Chef Clark Frasier (from Top Chef Masters, WHAT?) even came out to greet the newlyweds!  Thanks Clark!

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0073 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0074 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0075 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0076


Arrows was rated #10 on the list of most romantic restaurants in the US.  The entire space has such a warm and inviting feel to it.  I will definitely be making a trip back to have a meal there.  I want to try everything!  (Or if anyone reading this is looking to get married here, hint, hint, take me with you!)  The welcoming space was filled with warm words of love and happiness while Alyssa’s dad and Mike’s mom gave heartfelt toasts (even if it had to be by candlelight to read).

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0078 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0079 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0080 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0081 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0082 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0083

Alyssa and Mike had two sets of rings.  The ones they used during their ceremony (that belonged to Alyssa’s grandparents), and the ones that they’ll wear every day (as to keep their original ones safe!).  Twice the rings = twice the fun with ring shots.



Arrows just keeps getting more and more romantic as the light fades, the garden is filled with twinkling lights.  I had to sneak Alyssa and Mike away just for a few night shots!Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0085 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0106

We were off to the tent for a night of toasts, laughter, and dancing the night away…Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0087 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0088 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0089 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0092 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0090 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0091 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0093 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0094 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0095 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0096 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0097

Every guest got a box of truffles made at Arrows to take home!Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0098 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0099 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0100 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0101 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0102 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0103 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0104


Alyssa and Mike, thank you so much for completely trusting me with such a special day. You are wonderful, and I hope to see you again next time you are on the East Coast!

Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0105 Arrows_Restaurant_Ogunquit_Maine_Wedding_0086


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