Ashley & Greg’s Amazingly Rustic Camp Kiwanee Wedding A Camp Kiwanee Wedding in Hanson, MA

Ashley and Greg were my first couple to book with me for 2013, and I’ve been looking forward to their wedding all year.  One of the first things that Ashley said was, throw me on a stump in the woods, I’ll do whatever you want, I totally trust you.  When I met up with them in the spring for their engagement session, my excitement level went off the charts!  After walking through the details of the day with Ashley a few weeks before their wedding, and hearing the words cider donuts, vintage books, burlap, and the phrase “no really, it’s weird how close our families are, they have so much fun together!”, I was doing a little happy dance right through their day.  I was joined by my awesome colleague Jenn Alton, who rocked it out with me :)

We started off at the Holiday Inn, where everyone was hustling and bustling to get the day started.  Jenn started off with the boys, while I covered Ashley’s details and her prep.  Janice Cohen and her team left everyone looking fabulous for the day before we headed to Holy Ghost Parish in Whitman.

Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0001 Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0002 Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0003 Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0004 Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0005 Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0006 Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0007Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0009Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0010Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0011Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0012

It makes me so happy when couples write something special for each other to read before they see each other.  It’s always so absolutely sweet, and I almost always tear up shooting.


Ashley, those EYES!  You are just simply gorgeous.


One last smooch from dad before seeing her groom!


Ashley’s dad spent most of the ceremony holding back a few tears.  He was literally bursting at the seams with love for Ashley & Greg (ok, not actually literally, but in the way that everyone uses that word now).Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0022Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0023Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0024Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0025

Officially Mr. & Mrs.!


Camp Kiwanee is an awesome spot that is completely tucked away, and you’d never know you’re just a short drive from civilization.  It was so awesome to have all these grounds to ourselves!


Before you ooh and ahh over these details, I want to point out that Ashley and her family and friends did everything themselves.  From the flowers done by Stop & Shop, to every centerpiece and burlap runner, to every place card, Ashley put everything together herself before getting ready for the day.  When I say DIY, I don’t mean it in a “I see what you were trying for there” kind of way, but in a “holy cow, how did you do all of this?” way.  Ashley, you have a future in wedding coordination, I see it!


I loved the rustic twist on their library card catalog place card holder!


These were two very happy families!  They make my job so easy.



Despite the super chilly temperature, Ashley humored my every whim and even sat down on a moss covered stoop for her and Greg’s portraits.  You guys nailed it.Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0045Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0046Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0047Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0048Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0049Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0050Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0051Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0052Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0053Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0054Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0055Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0056

Ashley & Greg’s family and friends wasted no time getting into partying mode, including their littlest guest :)


Torte Di Venezia did an absolutely amazing and fitting job on this cake.  It was a perfect fit with apple filling and burlap accents!


I couldn’t help myself with this shot – the cider donut favors were pretty much just calling to hold the rings.


Parent dances always rock. Especially when you’re as close as Ashley and her dad and Greg and his mom.


How adorable are these two moms?  They kicked open the dance floor in style!Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0081Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0082Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0083Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0084Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0085Camp_Kiwanee_Wedding_0086

On more than one occasion, I found Ashley & Greg in the middle of the dance floor, in their own little world.  Every time, my heart got just that much warmer.


Ashley’s little brother partied every last bit of energy he had right out!


Ashley & Greg, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding memories.  You are both so absolutely adorable, and undoubtedly have many years of happiness and love ahead!


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