Ali & Joe’s Swan Pond River Engagement

Sometimes New England weather is just so unpredictable, and this past week was no exception.  In a span of three days, we had a few snow flurries, which melted away to a 65 degree day for Ali and Joe’s beach  engagement session!  I was so excited to meet Ali and Joe after talking to Ali on the phone and hearing all about how they were friends for a while when they met at UConn before they started dating.  We totally hit it off right away, and I am pumped for their wedding!  This perfect pair will be marrying at one of my all time favorite venues, Wychmere Beach Club next July 4th, and whether or not there are fireworks, there are definitely sparks flying between Ali and Joe.  I met Ali and Joe at the house where Ali’s family spends their summers on Swan Pond River, and we walked down to the beach where Joe proposed to Ali.  We pretty much had the beach and entire neighborhood to ourselves, with everyone having heading back off Cape for the winter.  Little did they know that we had a beautiful fall weekend in store!

Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0001 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0002 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0003 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0004 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0005

Ali, you are such a natural beauty, it’s no wonder Joe is head over heels for you!  Thank you to Lisa George for putting the finishing touches on your natural glow!

Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0007Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0006 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0009Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0008

By shooting right at sunset, we had every option of gorgeous light there is.  I could barely contain myself, parading these two around the sand bar, jetty, dunes, and coast line.  The full moon even made an appearance.

Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0010 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0011 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0012 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0013 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0014 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0015 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0016 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0017 Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0018

Ali and Joe, I cannot wait for next summer to be here!  Let’s hope for a speedy winter!Swan_Pond_River_Cape_Cod_Engagement_0019

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