Gaya & Ani’s Ocean Edge Resort Wedding

Phew!  I have been so busy with my wonderful clients this year, that I’ve fallen pretty far behind on sharing when some of my amazing colleagues have had me along to shoot with them.  This time, I joined Lauren Methia, for Gaya and Ani’s wedding, way back in June (check out the Style Me Pretty feature here!).  This was my first time photographing a classic Hindu wedding, and I have to say, I am hooked.  Between the colors, the saris, all of the little details that have meaning throughout the day, and most importantly the energy and life that flows out of everyone involved makes it impossible not to be smiling along with them throughout the day.

Gaya & Ani chose to marry at Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, MA, which I know as my home away from home on the Cape! Even the invitations for the Mehendi Ceremony were gorgeous.


Gaya and Ani were just a few steps away from each other in different bridal suites at Ocean Edge.

Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0002 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0003 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0004 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0005 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0006 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0007 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0008 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0009

Meanwhile, the ladies spent their morning relaxing in their perfectly coordinated robes, while everyone prepped for the day.

Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0010 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0011

The entire room smelled wonderful, thanks to the beautiful arrangement of jasmine and roses in Gaya’s hair.

Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0012 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0013 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0014 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0015

So many details, and so much wonderful bling!Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0016 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0017 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0018 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0019 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0020 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0021 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0022 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0023

This is one of my favorite images while Gaya was getting ready, catching a peek of herself in the glass, and getting a bit teary.

Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0024 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0025

Gaya, you are beautiful!

Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0026 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0027 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0028

Gaya & Ani opted for a first look along the boardwalk to the beach before their ceremony.  It’s such a wonderful opportunity for couples to be able to share their excitement with each other before their ceremony.

Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0029 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0030 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0031 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0032 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0033

The ceremony space patiently waited for the festivities to begin, adorned with beautiful arrangements from Winston Flowers.


In case you are counting, that is 19 groomsmen, all celebrating the arrival of the groom.Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0035 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0036 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0037 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0038 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0039 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0040

Gaya & Ani spent the entire ceremony (all 2.5 hours of it!) catching the other’s eye, and smiling at each other.Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0041 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0042 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0043 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0044 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0045 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0046 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0047 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0048

In a day filled with firsts for me, here’s one for you!  How many times have you seen tourists posing at a wedding ceremony as they walk by?

Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0049 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0050 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0051

I love how stoic Ani is in this image.  Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0052 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0053

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to have 19 groomsmen, just in case your mandap  needs a little bit of support.Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0054

While Lauren spent her time with the bridal party, I spent mine with the stunning details filling the grand ballroom.Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0055 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0056 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0057 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0058 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0059 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0060

These weren’t just any grand entrances, there was a full blown choreographed breakdancing scene!

Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0061 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0062 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0063 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0064 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0065 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0066 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0067

I ended my evening heading to the beach with Lauren and the happy couple for some portraits.  It was a simple and beautiful sunset, that wrapped warm light around Gaya & Ani.Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0076 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0077 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0078 Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0079

Gaya & Ani, may all of your years together be as warm as your wedding day!Ocean_Edge_Resort_Wedding_0080

  • Caroline! Stunning Images, the light you captured in them is just unbelievably gorgeous!

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