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A few months ago, I received a super sweet email from an actress named Jenna asking about a headshot session.  It was the height of wrapping up one of the busiest wedding months of the year, with family sessions quickly filling up any empty spaces I had available, so when I emailed back letting her know that my next opening was about a month out, I thought for sure I’d be passing along some names of my awesome colleagues.  So when Jenna’s response was, “that’s great, I’ll take it!”, it completely made my day!  I was even more happy that the rain that came through the area that day just barely held off long enough to fit Jenna’s session in.   Jenna is the sweetest, most easy going actor I’ve worked with to date, and throughout the session I saw flashes of some great actresses like Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Tina Fey, all wrapped up in this one beautiful face!  I can’t wait to see the great things Jenna has in store for her career.  Thanks for an awesome session, Jenna!

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