Happy Holidays from the newest elves of Caroline Talbot Photo!

If you need a weekend dose of cuteness, it’s right here.  Now that I know the Christmas cards have made their way out, I can finally share some images of my favorite Christmas shoot!  Move over Buddy the Elf, Chloe & Eliza are in town, and they’re totally stealing your thunder.  I may be biased, but how can you not just love these faces?  I’m pretty sure that Santa sent them straight from the North Pole to spread some Christmas cheer.    Eliza definitely made me work for it, but Clo is totally her auntie’s camera ham.  Enjoy!

Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0008 Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0010Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0009Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0011 Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0012 Boston_Baby_Christmas_Photographer_0013

  • Carol Andersen said:

    You do such a good job.
    By the way I am practicing the pose so I will be ready for my pictures.

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