Janelle & Shawn’s Winter Engagement Session!

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready for spring!  Normally, I’m not one to be pushing for winter to be over, but after how much fun I had this past week with Janelle and Shawn during their wintery engagement session, I know the rest of the winter just can’t top it.  When Janelle sent me an email saying that there was a ton of snow up at her mom’s house (where her wedding will be held), and she’d love to do her engagement session with all the fresh snow we had last weekend before it melted, I was all in.  We definitely had a bit more snow than we bargained for!  Shawn was a rockstar and cleared pathways for us with a snowmobile, and off we went.

Janelle and Shawn are just head over heels with each other, and despite the frigid cold (it was only in the low 20’s the whole session!), we laughed our way through everything.  You two have definitely earned your place for most adventurous session in a long while!

While we started, we had a few unintended visitors!

Winter_Engagement_Session_001 Winter_Engagement_Session_002 Winter_Engagement_Session_004

There is just something about a winter sunset that I love.


Janelle does not stop smiling, pretty much ever.  And it’s just wonderful!Winter_Engagement_Session_006Winter_Engagement_Session_007Winter_Engagement_Session_009Winter_Engagement_Session_008 

Those eyes!  Amazeballs.


After our session, Shawn mentioned how he wished he could kiss Janelle this much every day.  I have good news for you Shawn, you can!Winter_Engagement_Session_013Winter_Engagement_Session_014Winter_Engagement_Session_015

Like I said, we laughed our way through this session – even while sitting in 3 feet of snow!


It’s not often I have a bride ask, “Can we do a shot of me jumping off the fence and belly flopping into the snow?”  But when I do, the answer is always yes.


You two, I just cannot wait until your October wedding!  If we can have this much fun up to our knees in snow, just imagine how fun we will have on a beautiful fall day!Winter_Engagement_Session_030

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