Pam & Dan: Married at Ocean Edge!



Happy first day of Spring!  What better way to celebrate than with a pink filled spring Cape Cod wedding?  Once again, I joined my awesome friend Tara Lynn Sen to shoot Pam and Dan’s classic New England affair at Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster.  This couple is quite the duo, with Dan being one of the most even keeled guy I’ve met, and Pam being a complete ball of energy, they bring out the best in each other.  With pink details galore, I spent some time with Pam’s details before Dan and his guys were ready for me to head over their way.

Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0001 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0002 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0003 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0004 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0005 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0006 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0007 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0008 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0009 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0010

With everyone ready to go, we made our way to St. Pius X Church down the road, and the sound of bagpipes filled the air.Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0011 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0012 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0013

Pam did not stop beaming the entire day.  She is a firecracker and a petite ray of sunshine!Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0014 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0015 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0016 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0017 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0018 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0019 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0020 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0021 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0022 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0023 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0024 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0025 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0026

This happy pair wasted zero time heading into the ballroom to celebrate with all of their family and friends!Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0027 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0028 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0029 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0030 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0031 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0032 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0033 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0034 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0035 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0036 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0037 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0038 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0039 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0040 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0041 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0042 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0043 Ocean_Edge_Wedding__0044

Pam and Dan, I wish you many years of happiness (and dancing!) ahead!


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