Sarah & Jose’s Larz Anderson Wedding

I finally feel like spring is here, and the April showers are definitely in full effect!  I thought it would be a great day to feature a wedding filled with sunshine and energy to keep you moving through the afternoon!  Sarah & Jose are one of the liveliest and energetic couples I had the pleasure of meeting last year, while I joined one of my good photography friends, Tara Lynn Sen to shoot their wedding.  It’s not often that a couple will leave over two hours for photos, but Sarah & Jose did just that, and powered through in 97 degree temperatures to enjoy every second of their day!  Not only are they fun, but Sarah & Jose are filled with kindness, making sure we were taken care of throughout the day, including giving us our own hankies to help beat the heat.  There was not one time during the day that either of them didn’t look like they were  bursting at the seams with excitement.  Starting off with Jose and his guys definitely let me know that a lot of fun was in store, with his childhood home bustling with friends and family prepping for the celebration.



Jose can really rock out the GQ when necessary.  I mean come on, who is able to actually raise one eyebrow like that.  You nailed it, Jose.  And with that, we were ready to head off to the church, and await Sarah’s arrival for the ceremony!

Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0001 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0011

Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0012 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0014Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0013

These were the most wonderful programs I’ve seen at a wedding – while your guests are waiting, why not have a fun magazine style booklet for your guests to sneak a peek at your engagement photos, and read the story that led up to your big day?

Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0015 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0016 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0017 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0018 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0019 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0020


After the ceremony, we made our way to Larz Anderson Park and spent some time making awesome portraits of those nearest and dearest to Sarah & Jose.   There is always a new space to play every time I shoot there, and it’s quite wonderful!

Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0021 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0022 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0023 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0024 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0025 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0026 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0027 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0028 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0029

From the get-go, everyone was all smiles and ready to party, and with the most adorable little ones kicking it off on the dance floor, this reception defined the meaning of celebration!

Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0030 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0031 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0032 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0033 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0034 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0035 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0036 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0037 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0038 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0039 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0050Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0040 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0041 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0042 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0043 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0044Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0052Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0045

This series makes me laugh, every single time.  I just recently realized that someone out there has a video of me taking these photos!

Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0058 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0059Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0060Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0055Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0046 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0047 Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0048Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0049Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0054Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0051Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0053Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0056Larz_Anderson_Wedding_0057


Thank you Tara, for having me along with you, and Sarah & Jose, I don’t even have to wish you a lifetime of happiness, because I know without a doubt, it is there for the taking for you!


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