Siobhan & Matt: Engaged at WPI!

Last week, I was able to meet up with Siobhan & Matt for their engagement session at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  These two Bruins fans met during college, and are so meant for each other.  While poking around the campus, Siobhan and Matt told stories of where they lived and where their classes were, and how the campus had changed since they had graduated.  Siobhan used to be a tour guide on campus, so she was full of fun facts about all of the buildings (did you know the Electrical Engineering building is shaped like an E from above?).  We had so much fun walking around (and dodging a game of ultimate frisbee!), and I can’t wait for their wedding in June! WPI Engagement Session by Caroline Talbot Photography | WPI_Engagement_Session_0002 WPI_Engagement_Session_0003 WPI_Engagement_Session_0004 WPI_Engagement_Session_0005 WPI_Engagement_Session_0006 WPI_Engagement_Session_0007 WPI_Engagement_Session_0008 WPI_Engagement_Session_0009 WPI_Engagement_Session_0010 WPI_Engagement_Session_0011 WPI_Engagement_Session_0012 WPI_Engagement_Session_0013 WPI_Engagement_Session_0014 WPI_Engagement_Session_0015 WPI_Engagement_Session_0016 WPI_Engagement_Session_0017 WPI_Engagement_Session_0018 WPI_Engagement_Session_0019 WPI_Engagement_Session_0020 WPI_Engagement_Session_0021 WPI_Engagement_Session_0022

  • Jane said:

    Amazing pictures!. Excellent job with background shooting.

  • Tina Milanesi said:

    THe photos are just beautiful!

  • Siobhan said:

    Thank you Caroline These came out great!

  • Judy Conway said:

    Love these photos.

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